The Sunday Salon (Feb. 5): Good/bad things

The Sunday Bad things:
1. People sending me notices about “events” they’re doing online when those events are actually just giveaways. Stop it!
2. People emailing me review offers for things that are completely outside of what I normally read/review here. Multiple times.
3. Hulu videos taking forever to buffer. It took me over an hour to watch the first episode of Smash! (Loved it, btw. Musicals!!)
4. Having to lug around all those used books which I was really happy to buy at the time but now wish I hadn’t because they’re seriously heavy.
5. Not having any candy or snacks or yummy things in the hotel room and I can’t get any unless I want to spend $4 for a small box of Cheezits from the hotel snack store thing.

Good things:
1. My new Smash book (no relation to the show of the same name), which I probably didn’t need but it’s really nifty and I like having a place to put things that I don’t want to put in my journal and/or carry around with me for another month in a big stack of ridiculousness.
2. The packets of Earl Grey tea I found at breakfast today! EARL GREY. YAY!
3. My hives are going away! The children’s Benadryl is working! DOUBLE YAY!
4. I finally got a swimsuit top so I can go swimming soon! (I accidentally packed my other ones in the moving pods.)
5. It’s my 24th birthday in 20 days and I’ve started getting lots of nifty birthday stuff like coupons for free food and discounts on things I don’t need to buy but will. Huzzah!
6. My new packet of circus stickers. They are awesome.

What good/bad things have happened to you this week?

Weekly Book Stats

Books read this week:
020. Boy Meets Girl – Meg Cabot five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars
021. Wanderlove – Kirsten Hubbard five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars e
022. The Wizard, the Witch and Two Girls from Jersey – Lisa Papademetriou five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars
023. Stupid Fast – Geoff Herbach five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars e
024. The Unidentified – Rae Mariz five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars e
025. Entwined – Heather Dixon five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars e

Books reviewed this week:
013. Withering Tights – Louise Rennison five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars e
016. ttyl – Lauren Myracle five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars
017. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – Ann Brashares five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars
018. Vesper – Jeff Sampson five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars e
019. Dramarama – E. Lockhart five-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-starsfive-stars

Books acquired this week:

  • Dust by Arthur Slade (bought).
  • Jane by April Lindner (bought).

Also: I’m on Pinterest now! Figured I might as well try it out and see what I can do with it.

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  1. I’m glad you found some things to be happy about. When did you get hives? :-(

  2. A million times yes on the “events” thing! GR and FB are becoming a nightmare to navigate! I’ve just been sending everything to my spam folder because I can’t deal with it!

    • I’ve been unfriending anyone who sends me something ridiculous like that, and so far it’s been working. But! It’s still annoying that I have to do that in the first place.

      That reminds me: I totally need to write a rant about people adding me to their email mailing lists without my permission…

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