The Sunday Salon (Jan. 15): The looking-at-condos edition (& a small PNR rant)

The Sunday We went out to look at a potential condo today, and it was super nice! The complex was nice, the condo itself was nice, and I think it’s something we could be happy in. The bathroom is weird, but that’s fixable later if we really hate it. The parentals are moving things forward to see if we can actually get that condo, and we’re all kind of nervous and excited and stuff. Woo!

Meanwhile, I just had a really weird experience with a book. I went into it thinking it’d be one thing, and then it turned out to be something else. Basically– I thought it’d be something like White is for Witching, and instead it turned out to be more like Twilight. Twilight? Is not my sort of book. And the book I just read? Really disappointed me. So that kind of sucks.

I’ve read a few books lately that, if they had been pushed into a slightly different direction, would have been really amazing. It seems like so many books nowadays– especially YA paranormal romance– follow along the same lines, with the same characters and cliches, with the same sort of stories that I, personally, find somewhat ridiculous. I really want to read a paranormal romance where there isn’t a happy ending, where the paranormal partner can’t be humanized through the power of true love, where the teenage love interest realizes that they’re being a stupid and hormonal kid and that they need to get away from their serial killer boyfriend, and where people don’t throw themselves into dangerous situations just because they think a person’s hot. Or if they DO, they realize their mistake and get away!

I guess that makes me a cynic, or someone who wants people to act more like rational Vulcans than impulsive Klingons (for instance), but in real life people who date psychopathic murderers usually don’t get to wander off happily into the sunset. I realize that paranormal romances are, by definition, not rooted in realism, but sure there’s room for a dark and gloomy romance alongside all the happy-go-lucky vampire boyfriends?

If anyone knows about a PNR that doesn’t end happily, can someone let me know? Probably it won’t actually be classified as a PNR– romances, almost by definition, require happy endings. So maybe I need to look into a different genre for what I want.

But seriously. If you know about a paranormal/fantasy book where things go differently from the standard romance lines, let me know.1

Anyway, I’m really behind on reviews. Need to catch up!

Weekly Book Stats

Books read this week:
005. A Greyhound of a Girl – Roddy Doyle [rating: 2.5] e
006. Street Dreams – Tama Wise [rating: 2] e
007. I Want it Now! A Memoir of Life on the Set of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Julie Dawn Cole & Michael Esslinger [rating: 2] e
008. Lies Beneath – Anne Greenwood Brown [rating: TBD]

Books reviewed this week:
002. Tooth and Claw – Jo Walton [rating: 3.5] e
003. The Green Man – Michael Bedard [rating: 3] e

Books acquired this week:

Plus a ton of freebies from Amazon which I probably won’t ever read, lol.

Currently reading:
I’m currently 27% into Ghost College by Scott Nicholson and J.R. Rain. I got it for free during a promo last month, and so far it’s pretty good! I like paranormal investigators and the ones in this book seem like a cute couple. (Both of them are humans, btw.)

Upcoming reviews:
Graffiti Moon will be posted on Tuesday, January 17th! A Greyhound of a Girl will be posted on Wednesday, January 18th! And Street Dreams will be posted on Friday, January 20th.


  1. Kelley Armstrong’s YA books are a good example of this! The paranormal/human couple get a happy ending, but the paranormal partner isn’t a serial killer/murderer/etc. and the human partner doesn’t act like all her brains have dribbled out of her ears.

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon (Jan. 15): The looking-at-condos edition (& a small PNR rant)”

  1. Oh, I’ve had so many rants about PNR recently (including an extended rant about covers on my blog and on a feminist publisher’s blog). I’m also sick to death of the notion that characters should be inclined to die for their loved one (surely that’s one of the key indicators of an unhealthy relationship?)

    1. I feel kind of bad for ranting about PNR so much, but it’s a genre I could be really interested in if it didn’t have so many problems! And I think that kind of pisses me off.

  2. Oh God! Yes! Why are they all going to die if they lose their significant others? That is weird and codependent! One of many, many reasons I’m fond of Elena from The Vampire Diaries is that she for sure would not kill herself if her boyfriend died. She’d be very sad and then she’d get through it and maybe have some sort of messy revenge plan.

    1. See, that makes TVD seem more interesting to me now! I wasn’t going to read it because of the love triangle/reincarnated lover/vampires are awesome thing, which is super cliched (of course), but I like that Elena seems to have some sense.

  3. Oh to be able to read five books in a week!

    We’re looking at new houses to this week – must be something in the air – I hope it all works out with your condo.

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