The Sunday Salon (July 10): July Book-a-day update & more summer plans

The Sunday So my plan to read one book a day in July is going really well, despite some issues with getting sucked into TV tropes and wasting half of a day staring at the screen. I’m not sure if the reviewing part going so well. I like my review notes, but maybe it’d be better if I posted them to Tumblr and then linked to a bunch of them all at once? I don’t know.

Reading so much during the day has put a damper on my commenting/blog hopping, and it also kind of make me not want to blog at all. I just want to read. That’s kind of good, isn’t it?

Lately I’ve been thinking about all the series I’m half done with and whether or not I’m going to be able to catch up. For some of them it’s been YEARS since I read the first book, which means I’ll have to reread everything first and then continue onwards. With some, like the Dresden Files, that won’t be so hard because the books are short and move quickly, so rereading isn’t that big of a deal. Others, like the Series of Unfortunate Events books, are short but there’s a (relative) ton of them. (Or the Harry Potter series, which is just…gah.) Just looking at that stack is daunting, even if I did/do enjoy reading the books.

I hate being caught in literary doldrums, though, so I’m just going to go for it and try to catch up on at least ONE series this summer. Since I’ve started rereading the first Dresden Files book today I guess that series will be the one I read. (I may also try for the Artemis Fowl series as well, since that one’s shorter and I have the complete set already.) I think I’ve got at least the first eight books in my possession, and I can get the other ones as I get closer to catching up. The thirteenth book is coming out later this month, and I last read book number five or six, so that’s a lot of catching up. But I’m not daunted! I’m totally undaunted. Really.

Are you planning on catching up on a series this summer?

Weekly Book Stats

Books read this week:
64. My Name is Evil – R.L. Stine [rating: 3]
65. Assassinating Shakespeare – Thomas Goltz [rating: 2.5]
66. Steinbeck’s Ghost – Lewis Buzbee [rating: 5]
67. A Traveller in Time – Alison Uttley [rating: 3]
68. Madeline – Ludwig Bemelmans [rating: 3.5] * e
69. Ten Miles Past Normal – Frances O’Roark Dowell [rating: TBD] R
70. Blood Red Road – Moira Young [rating: TBD]

Books reviewed this week:
60. Janitors – Tyler Whitesides [rating: 3] B
62. Don’t Forget Me – R.L. Stine [rating: 2.5]
63. Locker 13 – R.L. Stine [rating: 2]
64. My Name is Evil – R.L. Stine [rating: 3]
65. Assassinating Shakespeare – Thomas Goltz [rating: 2.5]
67. A Traveller in Time – Alison Uttley [rating: 3]

Books acquired this week:

Currently reading:
I’m still making my way through Phoenix Rising, although I’ve slowed way down on actually reading it for some reason. And like I said above, I’ve started Storm Front by Jim Butcher. I think this is actually my third or fourth time reading this book, so maybe I don’t really need to reread it…but I will, because it’s nearter.


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9 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon (July 10): July Book-a-day update & more summer plans”

    1. Good luck! It’s going pretty well for me– I just need to stay off the computer more and actually, you know, read. 😀

  1. Am I reading this correctly? You have not finished the Harry Potter series? Might I suggest that you DROP EVERYTHING and that it is the one series you get into this summer?

    1. Well…no, I haven’t! I was really annoyed/disappointed after Goblet of Fire, if you must know (or maybe it was Order of the Phoenix; I can’t really remember) and I never read the last books. 😛

      I totally WOULD read them now, only I need to reread the rest of the series as well and I’m missing numbers 3 and 5. (My brother stole them, as it turns out. But he left numbers 6 and 7 with me? Whatever, I still have an incomplete set.)

      And by the way, I haven’t seen any of the movies after the first one, either, and I don’t even care. Ha!

      1. You’re really not missing much by not seeing the movies but seriously. You need to read those books. Goblet of Fire used to be my favourite until I re-read it last year and realized it was one mess of a story. But 5, 6, and 7 – especially 6 & 7! – by far make up for it.

        My husband started reading the books last year and after each one we watch the corresponding movie. And every single time the movie ends with him exclaiming “that was terrible!”

    1. Haha, I’m going to have a hard time writing a review about it. It was so good! I always get tongue-tied whenever I have to write a review for a 5 bird book…

  2. I’m reading a book a day for July too. Well, actually 20 in 30 days because I work all day Sat and Sun. Good luck with your challenge. The past two weeks I’ve gotten so wrapped up in my reading that I didn’t want to blog or read blogs either.

    1. Thanks! I’m only three books away from my goal at the moment, which is exciting! I may even be able to make it to a full 30 books, if I can just get off the computer.

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