The Sunday Salon (May 1): Pre-BEA Post #1

The Sunday Salon (May 1)

The Sunday This month I’m planning on doing at least a couple of post for BEA prep purposes. The closer the date the more nervous I get, and I’m hoping that by doing this posts I’ll both calm myself down and maybe help out a few other people as well. So!

Pre-BEA Post #1: What to bring to a hostel
You know hotels? (Of course you know hotels.) Well, hostel are like hotels except you share a room with strangers (unless you splurge for a private room, anyway), you share a bathroom with strangers and you share common/public spaces with strangers. It’s sort of like summer camp or a dorm, except way cheaper.

I’m staying at a hostel for BEA, along with Kim and Ash! I’ve never been to a hostel before (or been to summer camp or lived in a dorm) but I’ve been reading up a lot on what to expect and what to bring with me. Hostels, unlike hotels, normally don’t provide certain amenities, so you’ve got to be prepared. (See!)

What to bring to a hostel

1. All the normal stuff you’d bring with you to a hotel, plus:
2. Shoes for the shower (like flip-flops)
3. A towel, washcloth, etc.
4. Shampoo and soap
5. Passport (some hostels require it for you to check in)
6. Cash plus cards (in case they don’t accept one or the other)
7. Padlock(s), to lock stuff up
8. Sleep sheet, in case your hostel doesn’t provide sheets or you don’t want to rent a set. (They’ll provide pillows and blankets.)

Other handy things: travel alarm clock, sleep mask, ear plugs.

A sleep sheet is basically like a sleeping bag but made out of a top sheet. Do NOT bring a sleeping bag to a hostel. They won’t like it.

There! Now you know what to bring to a hostel. Don’t you feel more educated?

Books read this week:
39. The Tightwad Gazette – Amy Dacyczyn [rating: Buy it]*
40. The Explosionist – Jenny Davidson [rating: TBD]

Currently reading:
I’m about 40% into The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima, which I started reading because a) it looked interesting and b) CWC is going to be at BEA! I want to read a few more new-to-me authors between now and BEA, so I’ll have even MORE to be excited about when I go.


A new month and a new sponsor in the top left corner! From now until the end of July Revolutionary Party will be up there looking vaguely dangerous and very exciting. Woohoo!

Also, I’ve got books for sale at! Yay! I recently added some of my old Arthurian books I won’t be rereading, so if you’re interested in King Arthur you might be interested in picking up a book or two.

11 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon (May 1): Pre-BEA Post #1”

  1. I have sleep sheet made out of silk that I bought just in case I some day stayed in a hostel (hasn’t happened yet). It was really cheep! I think I got it at LL Bean (?).

    1. I’ve been wanting to buy a silk sleep sheet (for future travels) but compared to cotton silk is just so much more expensive. The frugal side of me keeps saying to just make my own out of an old sheet instead of buying a new one, haha!

  2. Wait, wait, wait! What hostel? Cass and I may be moving from our current hotel reservation to a hostel! It would be pretty awesome if we were all in the same one 🙂

    1. I’ll DM you the hostel name on Twitter. 😀 Not sure if my roomies are cool with people knowing exactly where we’re staying.

  3. Definitely a pair of flip-flops. Treat the hostel just like your dorm.

    I also have a travel alarm clock with light so I can walk around in the dark without turning on the lights and disturbing my room mates.

    (Edited by Anastasia to remove product link per request of website.)

    1. Headlights are also good for doing that, and for reading in bed/getting to the bathroom late at night/other things you need lights for. You do look a bit silly, but it’s a useful gadget!

    1. I’ve been obsessing over going to BEA since December. 😀 Hopefully all my planning will be worth it!

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