Things I am going to do this summer (aka my summer reading list)

Finals are coming up in the next month and I’ve got to stop obsessing over them else I’ll go insane. I’m so looking forward to the summer, not only because my summer class won’t start until July (meaning I have at least a month free) but also because I’m going camping with my family for a few days in June. Going on vacation = very happy Anastasia!

I’m expecting to get a lot of reading done this summer simply because I’ll have a ton of free time (except in July, I guess). So, to keep me focused a bit more than I was in previous summers, I’ve come up with a reading list!

This summer I’m looking forward to reading:

  • Ulysses by James Joyce. I’ve been meaning to finish this ever since I took that winter class on Joyce three years ago. *cough*
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. Again, meant to finish this ever since that class. I have a copy of this, too, so it’ll count as a Mount TBR book.
  • Some other Virginia Woolf novel besides the ones I’ve read for class. I’m not sure what, yet. Suggestions?
  • At least five books from the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list (I’m using this one), which I started out using for recommendations on classics/literary fiction and then somehow got sucked into trying to read all of them. (I’ve read about 12 already.)
  • At least one big hardback I’ve been hoarding on the bottom shelves of my bookshelves. I tend to go for the paperbacks before the hardbacks, and these books have been sitting on my Mount TBR for YEARS. Since I don’t have to carry anything around this summer except for myself: I’ll read a hardback. Maybe The Stones of Summer, which is freakin’ huge.
  • The South America handbook I bought last month. So I’ll have an idea of what the hell I’ll be doing once I get there next year.

Do you have a reading list for the summer? Do you tend to read different sorts of books during the summer than you do the rest of the year? I’m still in school, so during the semester I tend to read lighter books to ease my brain from all the learnin’ I’m doin’, but in the summer I want something slightly more difficult for some reason (along with chick lit, normally).

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  1. James Joyce as summer reading? I don’t know if I could do it myself! I only made it about 5 pages into Ulysses, but I may try again someday. I just can’t see myself reading it on the beach or anything LOL!

    1. It helps if you know a JJ enthusiast, like my prof who I took the JJ class with. She really made me appreciate JJ, and I actually did like what I read of his; I just have this weird aversion to actually finishing any book assigned to me for school. lol. 😀

  2. I do read differently during the summer, and most of the time that means I try to read more classics since I feel I can pay them the attention they deserve in my spare time better than when I read them during classes. I don’t have any particular projects ligned up yet though, then again, my summer will only start half July.

    1. That’s true about classics! Although I feel like when I read them for classes I’m paying more attention to stuff I could potentially use for a paper, while when I’m reading classics for fun I just enjoy the story. So it’s a little backwards for me. 😀

  3. i’m so excited that summer is around the corner; i always lighten up my reading selections in summer. i have a summer reading challenge i put together last may that i’m still chipping away at, so i’ll be busy!

    your list is pretty ambitious! enjoy those books. 🙂

  4. People spend a lot of time worrying about the size of ULYSSES, but what is often overlooked and rarely spoken of is the fact that it’s actually quite funny the whole way through. Once you get into its rhythm, it becomes a pleasure. It’s a challenge, but not an insurmountable challenge. offers a good way into the first chapter, Telemachus, and will keep building over time. The visuals can really help the reader to understand what is going on, who is speaking, etc. The reader’s guide also offers the opportunity to discuss the novel.

    Happy reading! I applaud your choices!

    1. Ulysses is quite funny, I remember that. I really enjoyed reading what I read of it, and I only stopped because I couldn’t keep up with the reading pace for the class (we were reading about 100 pages a night) and got discouraged. I’m a much faster reader now, though, so I hope to keep up the pace and make it the whole way through. I am a little worried about the bit with the play, though, since I heard that’s better read with other people doing the parts.

      Thanks for letting me know about your site! I’ll be sure to check it out.

  5. I always make plans to read a lot of Serious Important Literature during the summer, but I don’t usually follow through. I’m bad that way. This summer I am determined to read a lot of important nonfiction on controversial topics, so I can feel more informed. We’ll see how that goes…

    1. I remember last summer I was all “I’m going to read this book and that book and a million other hardcovers” and then just spent all my time reading chick lit. So! I emphasize. 😀

    1. Wow! That’s a big goal. I’ve never actually heard of Tim O’Brien before, but his books do seem like ones you’d enjoy (I mean that in a friendly way), so I look forward to seeing what you think about them.

  6. I don’t have a reading list for the summer but you’re making me think of writing one! I love summer reading. It’s more carefree than reading in any other season. I tend to reread books in the summer especially thick ones.

  7. I do so love “portrait of an artist” – I think that it is wonderful. The main character Stephen Dedalus is not easy to deal with but the book is my favourite of Joyce’s work, easily – enjoy! I would recommend Orlando from the Virginia Woolf collection, but that maybe because i have a special interest in life writing.
    Anyway – enjoy these books – I am sure that they will go well with the sunshine.
    I haven’t got a reading list for summer yet, i don’t normally plan that far ahead – but I am going to Servia for a wedding in May and would really like to read “The Bridge over the Drina” while I am there.
    Wonderful to read your blog

  8. hi there… thanks so much for kindly linking to my spreadsheet!

    Hmmm… not sure what you’ve read for class from Woolf but I’ve read a few. My reviews are

    The Voyage Out
    To The Lighthouse
    The Waves

    check them out if you haven’t read any and see if they interest you.

    This summer, I’m emigrating to Papua New Guinea so I’ll be making full use of my Sony Reader and catching up on some classics.

  9. Yikes! Ulysses is very ambitious summer reading indeed. Bon Chance!

    As far as Woolf, have you read Mrs. Dalloway yet?

    Or, I’m reading Night and Day right now. It’s early, atypical, Woolf, but still quite nice.

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