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So! What good book have you read lately that was written before 1923?

Me: The Prisoner of Zenda. Read it!

What’s yours?

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  1. Most of my books that I have to read for uni are pre-1923. Robinson Crusoe, Paradise Lost, Mansfield Park, Silas Marner and Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man. A few of these should be free to download because they’re classics and they tend to either be free or very cheap. Unfortunately i’m way behind in actually reading them, due to recent laser eye surgery, so I must get a move on! Paradise Lost looks particularly intimidating. Have you ever read it?

    1. No, I haven’t, but I’ve wanted to for a while because people in my classes keep referring to it. But I’m graduating in December and won’t have to worry about peer pressure then! Maybe you could read it first and tell me if it’s good, haha.

      I’ve read part of Portrait and really liked it, but then James Joyce is one of my favorite authors, so I’m biased. 😀

      (I also had to read Silas Marner for one of my high school English classes and hated it. I think everyone else in my class did, too, including the teacher.)

    1. Yeah, one of the nice things about having an ebook reader is I can read all these older books! Because they’re free. And I like free things. 😀

      You like non-fiction– maybe you’d like Isabella Bird’s travel narratives! She was this Victorian lady who traveled around the world and then wrote books about her journeys. She went to Tibet, South America (I think), Japan, etc. They’re a lot of fun. And I think some of them are available in paper format!

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