Thursday Tea: Anna and the French Kiss

Hello, people! Sorry for the mess last week, especially if you did a TT post and has no where to link it. If you want to link last week’s post as well as this week’s, that’s totally fine.

The book: I’m about 41% into Anna and the French Kiss, which I started reading to calm down from all the stress. It’s working WONDERS. Holy crap, this is a cute book. I mean, I know basically everyone SAID it was adorable, but it really is adorable. Anna? Adorable. St. Clair? Adorable. THE ENTIRE BOOK SO FAR! Adorable.

Also! Don’t you think Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn is, like, the perfect song for this book? y/n?

The tea: Hahaha, yeah. I’m drinking coffee. I’ve actually been having trouble going to sleep/staying asleep/waking up at a decent time, so I’ve only been drinking a cup of coffee each day. To sort of…cut down on the caffeine? idk.

Do they go together? Yes, actually! Anna and her friends drink a lot of coffee in the book– way more than I do, really.

Other tea drinkers

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7 thoughts on “Thursday Tea: Anna and the French Kiss”

  1. I love love love Robyn! Anna and the French Kiss is such a good read. It’s a book you want to hug and wish was around when you were a teenager. The video and book goes together perfectly.

  2. This book is sooooo amazing! You just want to live in it foreverrrr! I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to read the companion novels!

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