Thursday Tea (Apr. 14): Love Among the Chickens

The book: You know what always cheers me up out of a funk? My favorite authors cheer me up! Duh. So: Wodehouse! A Wodehouse book about love and raising chickens in the country. Also, writing books. It’s funny and sweet and funny enough to make me smile for about half an hour straight.

The tea: Good ol’ Earl Grey. Like you expected anything different. Although I DID just discover some teas I got at Disney World in January (that I forgot I had), so maybe I’ll try one of them for next week instead of sticking with Earl Grey.

Do they go together? Duh! Of course they do. Also, I ate some eggs earlier. HAH.

This is such a short post, but I honestly just feel like reading Wodehouse and staring at the walls for a while. Sorry!

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