Thursday Tea (Apr. 28): The Explosionist (again)

The book: I seem to have gone on an impromptu blogging break, by which I mean I’ve been trying to write a review but haven’t felt very inspired. Maybe this week is just a week for no reviews– it happens.

I’m still reading The Explosionist, although it’s going rather slowly because I’ve worked myself up and can’t continue onwards very quickly. This book? Is so intense! I don’t think it means to be, exactly, but I really like Sophie (the protagonist) and even just the hint of something bad that might happen to her (be it war, ghosts, or evil fortune tellers) is making me stressed out. I suppose that means it’s a really good book; the last time I felt this way was with The Whitechapel Horrors, which I still haven’t managed to finish because of the tension and what it’s doing to me. But I will finish it, eventually, just like I’ll eventually finish The Explosionist.

The tea: I don’t remember why, but I went off of English Breakfast tea for almost a decade. I think maybe I overloaded on it one year and just couldn’t stand the taste any longer, something that tends to happen to me a lot. Anyway, lacking any Earl Grey I decided to go for it and make a cup of English Breakfast. And it was good! So I guess my aversion has worn itself out, now. Yay!

Do they go together? Er…yes! Well, why not? Although I do feel sort of bad now for drinking English breakfast when a) the books’s set in Scotland and b) England seems to have been taken over by…Nazis, I think. Oh dear.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (Apr. 28): The Explosionist (again)”

    1. True! I’m glad I can drink EB again, since we’ve got a pile of it in the kitchen and it is my solemn duty to drink ALL THE TEA before it goes stale.

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