Thursday Tea (Apr. 7) & REVIEW: No Wind of Blame (again)

The book: So I’ve finally forced myself to finish No Wind of Blame. It’s taken me so very long to finish what is, essentially, a very short book quite simply because it was actually kind of boring. Normally I wouldn’t force myself to finish any book if I didn’t want to, but with books that are under 300 pages I almost feel obligated to do so anyway just because it doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal. But it inevitably turns out to be one, and I can’t help but write this TT/review with a sense of relief.

It’s not that No Wind of Blame is a bad book, necessarily. I’ve certainly read some worse mysteries, anyway. But No Wind of Blame is sadly lacking in excitement, and it takes so long to get to the actual murder/mystery part that I nearly died from waiting. The first third of the book is spent following around some very irritating people while the last two-thirds are the mystery part, albeit you STILL have to follow the irritating people around but now with added Stereotypical Policemen. It just makes for a dull story, and even the solution at the end, while satisfying in a way, was boring.

The best part about No Wind of Blame was the humor. The characters were all annoying but they were also very funny in their absurdness, and if No Wind of Blame was a TV movie I’d no doubt have been very entertained by the actors.

Still, a bit of humor can’t make up for lackluster everything else, and while I’ll still try reading more of Georgette Heyer’s novels I’m definitely going to double-check and make sure I only read the really good ones.

The tea: Today I’m drinking Christmas Eve, one of Stash’s holiday teas. I feel completely awkward and a bit annoyed at drinking holiday tea outside of winter and with no holidays nearby, but it’s got to be done. So.

Do they go together? Well, I felt annoyed with both the book and the tea, but the tea was a better experience overall. Still, it’s somewhere in summer in the book, I think, and Christmas tea definitely doesn’t go with summer. So, no, they don’t go together.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (Apr. 7) & REVIEW: No Wind of Blame (again)”

  1. Heyer’s detective novels are a bit hit and miss, in my opinion – they’re so character-based that if you don’t like the characters then there’s not enough mystery to make up for it. I can’t remember which one No Wind of Blame is about (is that the one with the visiting prince and the languid daughter, Vicky?). Heyer also often doesn’t play fair with the reader when she gives information, so that can be frustrating. Try ‘Behold Here’s Poison’, which is fun, or ‘Envious Casca’ – I do like her squabbling families.

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