Thursday Tea (April 14): A Conspiracy of Paper

Thursday Tea Thursday Tea is a weekly meme hosted by yours truly. To play along, all you need is some tea, a book, and the answers to these questions: what tea are you drinking (and do you like it)? What book are you reading (and do you like it)? Tell us a little about your tea and your book, and whether or not the two go together.

The book: I’m technically reading two books right now, A Conspiracy of Paper and The Years, but I’ve only JUST started The Years and if I wrote about that today it’d be very boring, so instead I’m going to write about A Conspiracy of Paper.

I’m currently about halfway through, and while it’s not overly exciting I am enjoying the various twists and threads and whatnot, and Benjamin Weaver is an interesting detective (although he’s not called that in the book). He’s a Jewish ex-boxer living in 18th century England, right at the start of the stock market, and just those things alone are interesting. I don’t know much about 18th century England except that it was probably horrible, and A Conspiracy of Paper doesn’t do much to discount that– but it does do a good job of creating the world of 18th century England! It helps that Benjamin is writing from 50 years in the future, so he can explain some things in more detail, like the stock market itself (which I also knew nothing about).

The tea coffee: Some cheap-o stuff from a campus supplier. I’ve noticed that lately I’ve gotten really lazy about my tea. Either I’m not drinking it at all or I’m drinking the same bagged stuff over and over again. I have loose leaf teas! Why aren’t I drinking them? It’s not like I’m so busy with school I can’t spend five minutes putting together a tea ball. Bah.

Do they go together? Sure! Actually, they drink a lot of coffee in A Conspiracy of Paper. In “dishes.” I’ve always wondered if they meant actual dishes, like saucers? Or did they just call cups dishes back then? Probably I should Google this.

I’m drinking my coffee in a paper cup, by the way.

What are you drinking/reading this Thursday?

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  1. I always assume it’s actual dishes, but like those huge American style coffee cups only without handles. I read this book a while ago and you’re right it’s not overly exciting, but the detective is – maybe it’s the boxer thing?

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