Thursday Tea (April 22): The Corrections

Thursday Tea Thursday Tea is a weekly meme hosted by yours truly. To play along, all you need is some tea, a book, and the answers to these questions: what tea are you drinking (and do you like it)? What book are you reading (and do you like it)? Tell us a little about your tea and your book, and whether or not the two go together.

The book: I’m currently reading The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen, and I’m really enjoying it! The first twenty pages were iffy; the writing was pretty dense and the whole thing smelt like a novel written in grad school to impress a creative writing professor. But it picked up soon enough, and the writing got much easier to read, and now that I’m 200+ pages into it I can barely tear myself away. Everyone is fucked up but there’s enough humor to keep me from being depressed about that, and they’re fucked up in a way that’s believable. And they’re not just fucked up; they’ve got good points to them, too.

Anyway, I like it.

The tea: My allergies are horrible today so I’ve stolen this packet of allergy tea from the common table in my office and hopefully it’ll help. It’s sort of disgusting, but maybe adding milk will hide the taste.

Do they go together? Nobody drinks tea in The Corrections (just alcohol, it seems like), but! The badness of my tea when it should really be delicious sort of fits in with the fact that a family should be happy and this family really isn’t. Also, like I love how the tea is making me feel better but hate how it tastes, so do does this family love each other– but they hate each other, too.

How’s that for an analysis!

What are you drinking/reading this Thursday?

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0 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (April 22): The Corrections”

  1. Thursday Tea — love it! I actually read your post while sipping some piping-hot black tea from Lipton (just the regular, boring ol’ kind), mixed with some Splenda (just one packet — I’m behaving myself!). Glad The Corrections has drawn you in!

    I’ve got my nose in Katherine Center’s Get Lucky and am really enjoying it, though reading time has been at a premium lately. Hoping to finish it this weekend!

    And I love your header image, by the way — awesomeness!

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