Thursday Tea (August 18): iDrakula

The book: I decided to start my road trip with something light and hopefully entertaining: iDrakula. I hope I’m enjoying it. I don’t know yet, because I wrote this entry the night before. Because I won’t have internet until later. Huzzah.

The tea: I’m not drinking tea today! Instead I’m drinking…ginger ale! Yes! I love ginger ale. It keeps me from getting carsick (and airsick, for that matter).

Also I have fruit and nut bars!! This is very exciting. I LOVE F&N bars, but I’ve only been able to find them at a ridiculous price before. But guess what! Walmart has some! For cheap! YAY!

Do they go together? Well…I don’t know. That’s the problem with writing an entry the day before: I can’t see into the future and know if a book about a vampire with an iPod (just a guess) will go with soda that tastes vaguely like ginger except less noxious. It could. It probably will. But I don’t know.

Other tea drinkers

The Book Gatherer is reading Secrets by Lesley Pearse and drinking a cup of regular ol’ tea!

JoAnne is reading Forgotten by Cat Patrick and drinking milk tea!

Violette is reading Full Black by Brad Thor and drinking Black Dragon Pearl!

(Leave a link to your TT post in the comments and I’ll add you to the tea drinkers list!)

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