Thursday Tea (August 25): Feed

The book: Like last week’s tea post, I’m writing this in advance as I’ll be on the road for most of Thursday and probably won’t get internet until late in the day. So! I’m currently about 25% into Feed by Mira Grant, of which I have heard many a positive thing.

So far? Yeah, I agree with those positive things. Maybe there’s a bit too much “explain things to the reader that everyone in the world already knows” (I’m sure that’s a trope somewhere) but I love the sci-fi/horror-ness of it all, and I love George, and I love how bloggers are so important to this new, zombie-fied world. It makes me feel sort of cool!

The tea: The hotel I’m at now, where I’m writing this, only has one kind of tea available: generic Lipton stuff that I really hate. So I’m not drinking it. Instead, I’m drinking water because I suppose I’m kind of dehydrated? And water is good for you. But I do want some Early Grey or something, for real.

Do they go together? Feed isn’t really a post-apocalyptic world; I mean, there’s internet and powerful women and besides the zombies and low population it’s basically your standard near-futuristic world. Still, I’m sure something like gunpowder tea would go better with a zombiefied world, as– well, how do you kill zombies? Exactly.

Other tea drinkers

JoAnne is reading Legacy by Cayla Kluver and drinking coffee and echinacea tea!

The Book Gatherer is reading Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier and drinking orange pekoe!

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10 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (August 25): Feed”

    1. I was planning to, but then I decided chocolate bars took precedence. 😉 Only so much space in my bag, after all!

  1. Oh dear – I hadn’t heard about Feed before now, but it’s definitely now on my list of books to-read. Any book about zombies has me hooked already, but zombies AND social media? YES PLEASE. I’m also sort’ve curious about this gunpowder tea now…

    1. I know I told you this on Twitter already, but it’s a really good book! So I hope you enjoy it when you read it yourself.

    1. I’m wounded by your sarcasm. 😉 But seriously, sometimes hotels DO have a nice selection of teas! I guess it just depends on where you are.

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