Thursday Tea (Dec. 1): A Great and Terrible Beauty

Happy December, everyone! I hope this last month of the year will be happy and exciting and full of good stuff for you. I’ll be moving January 1st, so I’ve got a lot of packing to do between then and now. I’ve already boxed up almost all my paper books (I’m keeping one or two out to read during the trip) so I’ve been reading a lot of ebooks lately. Luckily the Singapore Public Library has a pretty hefty collection of ebooks, including YA books! Which is what I’ve been craving lately. I’ve also been requesting a few review books through NetGalley. Yay!

The book: I’ve been wanting to read the Gemma Doyle books for a while, and so when I saw that the SPL had the first book available I jumped on it. So far, three chapters in, it’s pretty freakin’ exciting. I have a feeling Gemma is one of those “modern girl in a historical world” sort of characters, which is disappointing but not necessarily off-putting. The first chapter gave me great hope that maybe her romantic interest will be a non-white person! Which would be amazing! But I don’t think that’ll be happening (not least because he might be a baddie). Boo.

The tea: Since I’m moving at the beginning of January I’m a bit worried about how I should pack all my teas with me, or if I even should. I don’t have much left– just Christmas teas and some old Stash teas that’ve been lurking at the back of my cabinet. I don’t particularly want to drink any of them, but since it’s the Christmas season at least drinking the Christmas teas will be festive or something.

Maybe I should do a giveaway?

Do they go together? Eh, not particularly. Gemma’s in England now, which means basically all English-y teas go with the book now. But I think that perhaps it’d be more interesting to match the book with an Indian tea, don’t you think? I don’t have any like that, though. Maybe the Holiday Chai would work best?

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (Dec. 1): A Great and Terrible Beauty”

  1. I remember so little about these books except I liked the sexy gypsy boy and I totally called something that happens in the third book with Felicity (or whatever the girl’s name is, the bitchy girl who is sort of a bitch). I wanted more sexy gypsy boy.

    1. I must say that this book is making me REALLY SAD about boarding school. Gemma is (so far) not having a good time at hers. 🙁 I hate bullies, ugh.

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