Thursday Tea (Feb. 9): A Drowned Maiden's Hair

This has been such a good day! I’m getting new glasses soon, and they’ll hopefully be awesome. My eye exam went really well– my optometrist was so nice!– and I didn’t spend nearly as much money getting them as I thought I’d have to. Yay!

The book: I’ve been wanting to read A Drowned Maiden’s Hair for a while now (about a year?), but I kept getting scared off by the title. It’s scary, right? I was sure it’d be a book about dead people, and not in a good way. Well, it IS a book about dead people…sort of. So far all I know is: it’s set in 1909, stars a clever and hardhearted young orphan girl, and the people who’ve adopted her have turned out to be con artists! And it’s really fun to read.

The tea: I found some Earl Grey the other day during breakfast at the hotel! It’s kind of crappy, but even crappy Earl Grey is better than none, I think.

Do they go together? A Drowned Maiden’s Hair is set in the US, but I think the con artists seem like the sort of people who drink a lot of tea. Do they drink Earl Grey tea? Probably!

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