Thursday Tea (Jan. 12): Street Dreams

The book: Thank goodness for NetGalley! I’ve been using it a lot this month because, although I’m not on a specific book buying ban, I don’t want to carry around a ton of books with me until we get a house. (Also, I still don’t have a lot of extra funds to spend on books.) Using NetGalley makes me feel like I’m keeping up with new releases and that makes me feel like a really cool person. Anyway!

Street Dreams is one of those NetGalley books, and it fulfills my “read more diversely” goal in three ways: it’s got a protagonist who is a non-Caucasian person who lives in a non-US country and who is dealing with things that stray from the middle class straight white dude territory. Huzzah!

On the other hand, I’m about 13% in and I’m wishing it was going a bit faster. Since it’s one of those slice of life/coming of age sorts of books I can understand the slowness, but I feel like I need something a bit more exciting right now…hm.

The tea: I tried something new! Organic Breakfast, which has got flowers in it. It doesn’t say which flowers, but you really CAN taste them in the tea.

Do they go together? Sort of! When I think of New Zealand (which is where the book is set) I think of flowers and plants and a lot of nature-y things, so a flower-y tea would go well with that. The actual setting of the book, however, is more urban and run-down and there probably aren’t a lot of flowers where the protag lives.

Other tea drinkers

Iris is reading White Teeth and drinking green tea with lemongrass!

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