Thursday Tea (Jan. 19): Jane Eyre

The book: I’m a little over halfway done with Jane Eyre and I’m loving it! It’s so much better than I thought it’d be. Starting with Anne Bronte was, probably, a mistake. Agnes Grey? Ain’t got nothing on Jane Eyre.

Interesting tidbit! I think some of the nasty kids from Agnes Grey are in Jane Eyre! They even talk about one of their governesses being named “Grey.” Isn’t that neat? So reading Agnes Grey first wasn’t all that bad after all.

The tea: I found a huge box of Earl Grey for a relatively good price the other day, but I resisted! And instead I choked down a cup of White Christmas tea that I’d brought with me from New Mexico. Ugh.

Do they go together? Yes! And I’ll tell you why: just like how I hate the taste of White Christmas tea, Jane (when she was a kid) hated her aunt and cousins and so on! So they totally match. Right.

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