Thursday Tea (Jan. 26): Vesper

The book: I’m about halfway through Vesper by Jeff Sampson, and I mostly like it. I’m not sure why, but I always seem to treat books starring women written by a male authors more harshly than I do books with male protagonists written by female authors. Maybe I’m more worried about the former screwing something up? Don’t know.

Anyway, Vesper‘s a YA paranormal book but there doesn’t seem to be much romance going on so far, which is promising. There IS something being hinted at that might be soulmate related, but I’m not entirely sure yet.

The tea: Oh Earl Grey, how I miss you. Random “relax” tea? You’re no good at all!

Do they go together? Blah, not really. There’s a lot of action and thrills and stuff in Vesper; relaxing tea doesn’t fit in really well with that.

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