Thursday Tea (July 21): Hard Spell

The book: I’m currently about 30% into Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis (currently only $0.99 for the Kindle!), an urban fantasy mystery. I feel like I should be further along, because I started reading it on Monday and, I just. I don’t know. I haven’t been putting my mind to it, I guess. Anyway, I’m liking it so far, although I keep comparing it to the Dresden Files which might be a mistake. The protagonist of Hard Spell isn’t nearly as charming/friendly/woobie-tastic as Harry is, and I really don’t know that much about him yet. The revelations about What Makes Him Tick are coming out slowly, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad. The mystery is really good, though, and the way the book’s world is set up is interesting. I think I’ll have fun writing the review!

The tea: The rainy season has finally started here in New Mexico, which is really good! But the air pressure or something is giving me headaches, which is less good. I’m drinking a peppermint tea to try and sooth myself, but so far it’s not working.

Do they go together? I suppose I should be drinking something more “supernatural” or something, instead of peppermint. Blood orange tea would go better with this book, I think (because of the vampires, see), but I don’t have any.

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