Thursday Tea (June 9): Cleopatra the Great

The book: I’m (slowly) making my way through Cleopatra the Great by Dr Joann Fletcher. It’s about Cleopatra! Well, duh. But anyway, despite some rather over-the-top declarations about Cleopatra’s importance (and awesomeness), it’s actually really good. I’ve just gotten done with the bit about Alexander the Great (Cleopatra’s greatest influence, according to Dr Fletcher) and I’m excited to keep going forward.

The tea: I’ve still got a stockpile of Stash holiday teas, and I’m trying to finish it off before Christmas actually rolls around again. So: holiday chai! It’s yummy and delicious and, unfortunately, really out of season. Not just because it’s “holiday” chai, but because it’s got gingerbread and rum flavors in it as well. Gingerbread and rum? Yeah, totally winter. Drinking winter tea in the summer makes me a bit…grumpy.

Do they go together? Not really. For one thing, when I think of Egypt I don’t think “hot tea.” For another thing– did they have gingerbread and rum in ancient Egypt? I don’t think they did.

Really I should be drinking a more fruity tea or something. Oh well!

Other tea drinkers

Sarah is reading The Violets of March and drinking matcha green tea!

Whitney is reading The Kitchen Boy and drinking Good Strong English Tea!

Beth F. is reading Seeing a Large Cat and drinking sun tea made from Adagio’s Apricot Tea!

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3 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (June 9): Cleopatra the Great”

    1. I haven’t! I actually don’t know very much about Cleopatra, just the standard mythical-ish type stuff. I didn’t even know she had kids! I love learning new stuff. 😀

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