Thursday Tea (Mar. 15): Artemis Fowl

The book: This is probably my fifth or sixth time reading Artemis Fowl by now– including the two times I read it on audiobook— and it’s still one of my favorite books ever. How can you not like a book with kick-ass fairy police, a (believable!) teenage criminal mastermind, giant bodyguards with hearts of gold, and TONS of thriller-y action. I read somewhere that someone said Artemis Fowl was basically Die Hard with fairies: totally agree. It’s geared more towards the MG/YA set, sure! But still: Die Hard with fairies.

Technically all my Artemis Fowl books are in storage, waiting for me to drag them out and line them up on my new shelves (which I don’t have yet but hopefully will within a month or so!). The eighth (and final) Artemis Fowl book is coming out in July, however, and so Disney Hyperion is doing a promo on NetGalley where each month they’re releasing two Artemis Fowl books for people to download/read/review/etc. Yay!

The tea: Y’know, after two and a half months of living in hotels, I’ve finally caved and tried that generic orange pekoe tea they’ve got in nearly every room. It’s actually not that bad? I don’t know why I was so afraid of it all these years I’ve been staying in hotels.

Do they go together? Eh. I’d think Artemis would go for a more “refined” tea, y’know, like some posh blend of things that cost $50/bag. Fairies might like the orange pekoe, though, if they even drink tea. (I think they DO? Can’t remember, though. It’s been ages since I read an Artemis Fowl book!)

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    1. Yeah, I’ve found that a lot of “new Harry Potter” books are actually…not. Like, just because it’s a YA fantasy book doesn’t mean it’s anything like HP!

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