Thursday Tea (Mar. 22): Lord of the Changing Winds

The book: I finally finished reading Burn Mark last night– I went through a reading slump earlier this week, which means I’m about two or three books behind on my reading schedule. So I hope the book I’m reading right now, Lord of the Changing Winds, turns out to be good!

I’ve had it on my eTBR pile for at least a year, and I can’t really remember what it’s about except for that it’s got griffins. And possibly mages.

The tea: I’ve got a bit of a headache, so I hope I’ve got a tea that will help. Google tells me that some sort of mint tea might help! Anyone know for sure?

Do they go together? Honestly, I’ve only read, like two pages of my book so far, so I can’t really say. Have any of you read the Griffin Mage books? Do you think they go with mint tea?

Other tea drinkers

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