Thursday Tea (Mar. 24): More Than Mortal

The book: I’ve just started the third book in the Victor Renquist series by Mick Farren. I really like these books, although sometimes the descriptions of what vampires do to their victims make me so uncomfortable I have to skim. It’s still better than having to slog through another urban fantasy book where the vampires are all cuddly and not evil and barely even act like “proper” vampires at all. After reading so many books with cuddly vampires, it’s nice to read one where the vampires would sooner rip my throat out than join me for a tea party.

The Victor Renquist books are interesting not only because the vampires act like monsters in them, but also because Mick Farren still somehow makes you care about them. Yes, they eat people and cause a lot of havoc and they’re basically evil, but nevertheless I still somehow care about whether or not they get staked.

Partly I think this is because Victor himself is the most “human” of the vampires– he still acts like a “proper” vampire, but he has these little bits of humanity in him that make him an actual anti-hero instead of just a villain. For instance, he only eats people that want to die anyway. And he has existential crises! He tends to not be as violent and crude as the other vampires, and he gives great “here is why you should do as I say” speeches. He’s still definitely not a cuddly bunny, but there is a somewhat-maybe-possibly-cuddly side to him. (The balance between villain and hero is really good, is what I think I’m trying to say.)

I’m kind of sad I’ve only got one more book to go in the series before it’s over. Does anyone know of more books with non-cuddly vampires in them? I don’t need it to be a bloodfest or torture porn or anything like that. I just want a proper anti-hero vampire like Victor Renquist. Bloodshot could count, I guess. Any others?

The tea: I seriously just woke up an hour ago, okay. I’m drinking coffee.

Do they go together? As blood gives vampires energy to face the day (or night), so too does coffee give me energy? How’s that?

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