Thursday Tea (Mar. 31): No Wind of Blame

The book: I’m determined to finish a book today, although I DO keep getting distracted by internet things. So I’ve picked a short one: Georgette Heyer’s No Wind of Blame. Did you know G. Heyer wrote mysteries as well as historical romance? I didn’t, at least not before I got this book…somewhere. On the cover it says she’s right up there with Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham, Josephine Tey and Ngaio Marsh– and I’m going to agree with that blurb.

Like those other mystery writers, GH has got that interwar almost-humorous-but-not-quite thing going on in her writing. It strongly reminds me of A. Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence books, where if the writing was taken one step further and most of the mystery cut out it’d be a P.G. Wodehouse book. As I’ve just started reading No Wind of Blame I can’t make a comment on the mystery part of the story yet (I haven’t even gotten to the part where mysterious things start to happen), but I’m pretty sure I’m going to really enjoy this book.

The tea: My tea supply was mysteriously restocked with Earl Grey last week, so I’m drinking a nice cup of that.

Do they go together? Oh, absolutely. Since when does Earl Grey NOT go with an interwar (or nearly interwar, anyway) mystery novel, eh? It ALWAYS goes with an interwar-or-nearly mystery novel. So there.

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  1. Love this meme! I’m reading Started Early, Took My Dog, and my morning tea was Peppermint… which I adore!

    • Thanks! I’ve never actually had peppermint tea, I think. Green mint, yes, but not peppermint. Interesting!

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