Thursday Tea: March 19

Thursday Tea After reading The Teashop Girls I became interested in tea again, and I wanted to start trying some new flavors than just English breakfast and the anti-allergy tea my coworker gave me. I bought a tea ball and various teas from Stash Tea (which is quite good, as tea companies go– they’ve also got these delightful whale teapots I have a serious hankering for) and then, as I was making my first cup of tea tonight I had a FANTABULOUS idea: why not do a weekly meme showcasing a tea and a the book I’m reading while I’m drinking it?

I hope it sounds like fun, because I’d love to get some more people in on this. It’s very simple: what tea are you drinking (and do you like it)? What book are you reading (and do you like it)? Tell us a little about your tea and your book, and whether or not the two go together.

The tea: Stash Vanilla Creme. I got a sample’s worth, about 8g (0.28oz); should be worth about three-ish cups. It’s described as:

The tea in question.
The tea in question.

a smooth, rich black tea with the wonderful aroma and taste of high quality pure vanilla. This tea is good anytime of the day but is especially good after dinner with a touch of sugar added

Do I like it? Yes! It’s sweet, but not overly so. I added one spoonful of sugar and some milk, and it’s quite good. Smells absolutely wonderful as well.

Children of Green Knowe The book: The Children of Green Knowe by L.M. Boston. I got the whole Greene Knowe series out from the library this week, and I have high hopes for it. I’m on page 39 so far, and it’s turned out to be kinda like Frances Hodgson Burnett, only with nicer adults. I’m enjoying it, though I think it could get creepy later on– there’s hints of ghosts and such. Here’s a quote from the page I’m on:

“Granny, what did Linnet put in the bird-cage? The chaffinch didn’t like sugar. He came, you know, but he wouldn’t stay.”

“Linnet always left the door open. She didn’t like to shut them in. She put crumbs of pastry and biscuit, and seeds that she gathered in the garden in the summer. The chaffinchs came and went as they liked, but they always built their nest in the cage in spring. She put a forked branch of hawthorn for them. You can do that too. I am surprised they have remembered for so long; no one has used that room for years. I think they must tell stories to their nestlings.”

Do they go together? Rather well, actually. The vanilla creme tea seems very British to me, though that may be just because I think all milky teas are British-tasting.

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  1. I think this is a lovely idea. I was drinking Queensland Lemon Myrtle this afternoon for the first time and it’s wonderful, very lemony. I was reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave, a stunning story. The parts of the book that did not take place in Nigeria were in England so I felt my tea was appropriate to the occasion.

  2. Oops! Hit submit too soon. Yesterday I had Stash Tea’s Pomegranate and Raspberry Green Tea. Yummm. I’m ready Wicked Lovely and I’m totally taken by it. Next week I’ll try to remember to play along on my own blog and link back to here. Fun!!

  3. i don’t drink coffee or tea…i’m not sure why. during the winter i’ll have a hot cocoa from starbucks or a local coffee shop if i’m inclined. usually i stick with water…but feel like i’m missing something!!! i want to be a cool tea drinker too.

  4. I followed Beth F’s link and I am so glad that I did. I LOVE this idea! A couple of months ago I really wanted to investigate tea — all the varieties, how to make a proper cup, etc – but there are no tea shops near me. I am thrilled to have found the Stash’s website. thank you

  5. I’m a huge tea drinker, a little bit of an addict actually. I’ve never tried Stash Tea but will have to check it out, I’m more of a Typhoo girl myself. This is a great idea!

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