Thursday Tea (May 5): Northanger Abbey

The book: Oh my god you guys. I get it now. I get why people are so obsessed with Jane Austen!

Before, I was all “oh Jane Austen whatever.” I had read half of Pride and Prejudice and wasn’t overly wowed, so I was under the assumption that Jane Austen’s books just weren’t for me. But I refused to give up entirely on JA! When the Classic Circuit announced a Dueling Author theme for the next circuit (Austen vs Dickens) I decided it was a good chance to read another JA book. One I’d like better, maybe?

And yes, I do like Northanger Abbey better. I like it better a LOT! I like it for the snark, mainly– I adore snark when it’s done well, and JA does snark particularly well. I also like it because while it’s snarky it’s doing it in a way that isn’t annoying. Instead of Catherine being an uber romantic heroine (which would have annoyed me), she’s basically the antithesis of that whole thing (although she does still have a pure heart). Romantic cliches, such as a sister misinterpreted as a lover, are cut off at the pass. Romantic rivals are no danger to anyone (at least in Catherine’s case) and historic abbeys are modern and brightly lit. And on top of all that is a very sweet romance story! (I love Mr Tilney so much I may explode.)

So basically I’m just in love with Jane Austen now. Also I’ve only just got to the part where they’re having dinner the first night in Northanger Abbey, so no spoilers please.

Also I totally want to read The Mysteries of Udolpho now.

The tea: How can you think of tea at a time like this My mom got hold of some pomegranate green tea so I’m having some of that. It’s a bit weird? I don’t normally like green tea and that might be why it tastes so strange, but it’s not bad. Just…weird.

Do they go together? I actually had to Google “history of tea England” because I wasn’t sure what kind of tea people were drinking back then. I think it actually was green tea! Green tea comes from China, England was getting its tea from China (called “China tea” i.e. green tea), so they must have been drinking green tea, right? But maybe not, because I can’t find a definitive date for when people started drinking black tea in England. I suppose they could have been drinking black tea back then instead– anyway, it’s tea, they drink tea, it goes. Sort of.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (May 5): Northanger Abbey”

  1. I think English people in Austen’s time drank a lot of “black” tea. I remember hearing that in a lecture on tea I attended once, but I might be mistaken.

    It took me a while to get into Austen, too. I love Mr. Tilney! He’s the greatest. 🙂

  2. It’s so funny to me how different people love and/or hate different Jane Austen novels! Northanger Abbey isn’t one of my favorites–but I love Emma and Sense and Sensibility. I like Pride and Prejudice pretty well…anyway, keep trucking with Jane! She’s great!

  3. I want to re-read Northanger Abbey. I’ve read all of Austen’s major works and don’t love them all equally (Sense & Sensibility kind of bored me). I recommend the recent BBC TV adaptation of Northanger Abbey, as the actor who plays Mr. Tilney in it is so freaking adorable, and plays the character like someone you’d want to hang out with. In the movie “The Jane Austen Book Club” one of the characters says something to the effect that they love Mr. Tilney because he’s such a flirt.

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