Thursday Tea (Nov. 17): Flying Too High

So here’s what’s been happening this week: I have fallen behind on my reading goals, I’ve started a new gluebook, and I’ve become obsessed with watching shows on I also lost track of the days and haven’t been able to get to sleep very early, so I’ve been waking up later and later in the day. Woohoo?

I suppose I’m just trying to enjoy myself before I become employed in California– and I WILL become employed in California, yes I will (positive thinking, see)– and even though I probably won’t make my reading goal, I’m having fun doing art stuff and reading what books I can. So:

The book: I’m nearly to the end of Flying Too High, the second Phryne Fisher mystery. I’m really enjoying this series; it’s set in 1920s Australia and Phryne is a total flapper. She’s sort of like a mix of Lord Peter and…I don’t know, some sexually liberated person. They’re almost cozies, but I think there’s too much sex, death, and rock n’roll for them to qualify as actual cozies.

The tea: I went out yesterday to shop but I neglected to actually buy any tea, which means I’m nearly out of English Breakfast and pretty low on Earl Grey as well. I’ve got the Stash Christmas teas still, though, and since it’s nearer to Christmas now I don’t feel nearly as bad drinking them as I did when I tried doing the same in June. So perhaps I’ll have a cup of Holiday Chai.

Do they go together? They drink a huge amount of tea in the Phryne Fisher books, so just by that alone I’d say any tea goes well with them. However, I wonder if there’s a tea that goes especially well with flappers? What’s a shocking sort of tea, do you think? Probably not Holiday Chai.

Other tea drinkers

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