Thursday Tea (Nov. 3): Ashes

The book: You may be excited to know that I am one book ahead of my “read a book a day” goal for November! Huzzah! I’ve also figured out how to check out library ebooks on my iPod Touch, and so, with my shiny new membership to the Singapore Public Library (free!), I’ve borrowed Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick.

I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since I first heard about it, which I’m pretty sure was back in May during BEA. I can’t actually remember anything about the plot, though I think it’s…sort of thriller-y? I haven’t bothered to read a summary, either– I like going into a book knowing nothing about it but that I want to read it for some reason.

I’ve finished the first chapter and WOAH, is it exciting. I’m looking forward to reading the rest! Even IF I have to do it on my tiny iPod Touch.

The tea: My free samples from Twinings came in this week! You may remember that they were giving those out a month or two ago. I got boring ones, mostly: Earl Grey, English Breakfast (this was before I discovered the box of English Breakfast in my cupboard) and Chai Spiced Apple. Today’s basically MADE for the Chai Spiced Apple, so I’m trying that out.

It’s not as strong as I’d like, but for it to be any stronger it’d basically have to be actual apple cider, sooooo.

Do they go together? Not really. I think the book is set in late summer, and Chai Spiced Apple is a late fall/winter kind of tea to me.

Other tea drinkers

Renee is reading The Monsters; Mary Shelley & The Curse of Frankenstein by Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler and drinking Boston Blend tea!

Leave a link to your TT post in the comments and I’ll add you to the tea drinkers list!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (Nov. 3): Ashes”

  1. Congratulations on being a book ahead. I’m at a measly three books read so far but right now I am reading a graphic novel so I should be okay. Singapore Public Library?! I need to check that out. Happy reading.

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