Thursday Tea (Oct. 20): Agatha Christie's Autobiography

The book: This’ll probably be my last TT post about AC’s autobiography. I’m nearly done! If you’d like to read some of my thoughts about the first part of the book, you can find them here.

So now I’m near the end. I’m right at the part of AC’s life where she gets divorced from her first husband. Since my last TT post on AC’s autobio, she’s grown up, gotten married, had a kid, lost her grandmother and mother, and started her writing career. She’s already invented Poirot and Tommy and Tuppence, as well as a few other books on the side (I think). She’s gone on a round-the-world trip with her husband and a trip to Baghdad by herself (which is where I am now), and I think pretty soon she’s going to meet her second husband, who I THINK might be in Baghdad somewhere.

My favorite part of this latter section of the book is, of course, AC’s description of how she came up with her books. It’s very “I thought this might be a good idea and so I did it,” but you can see the direct influences some events in her life have had on her books. For instance, on her trip to Baghdad she went on a train journey. The train? The motherfreakin’ Orient Express. Ha!

The tea: I feel like composing an ode to English Breakfast tea. Who’s with me?

Oh English breakfast tea, how wonderful you are.
You lift my spirits up from when I’m in a panic about not being able to find a job, etc…

Do they go together? They go together just as much as you’d expect them to, which is: absolutely and completely.

Other tea drinkers

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