Thursday Tea (Oct. 6): The Devil's Elixir

The book: I’m doing the Classics Circuit this month, which is focused on pre-1840 gothic lit. I’ve decided to read The Devil’s Elixir, which so far is pretty good. The copy I have is two volumes, which initially threw me for a loop– I don’t have much time to read it before my post is due!– but the volumes turned out to be really short, so that’s okay.

So far it’s started off in that “let me tell you about my life before the important bits of this story happened,” which is a bit boring, but fine.

The tea: The nice thing about having deep cupboards is that you can hide a lot of tea in them and then forget you ever put them in there. I’d bought a set of three different teas a few years ago, with Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Queen’s Breakfast. The QB tea was disgusting, so I threw it out. I don’t know what happened to the Earl Grey. But the English Breakfast was in a cupboard and it was unopened! So I can put off buying more tea for another few months. Yay!

Do they go together? Why not, eh? They can go together if I want them to. I suppose because ETA Hoffman was German I should be drinking something more German-ish, but I don’t have any German teas, so there.

Other tea drinkers

Demijel is reading Stealing Jenny by Ellen Gable and drinking hot chocolate!

(Leave a link to your TT post in the comments and I’ll add you to the tea drinkers list!)

6 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (Oct. 6): The Devil's Elixir”

    1. Mine’s next week! I really need to focus and read this thing. Luckily it moves pretty quickly, especially compared to The Mysteries of Udolpho.

  1. I’ve really missed posting for Thursday Tea, though I usually come by and read yours and any others. Funny enough, I just had my husband clean out the tea cupboard (I’m disabled and unable to reach) and he found several that had been forgotten too. I didn’t think tea would last as long as yours-so glad at least one of them has. Mine seem fine so far. Your reading is a little far back for me, classics in general are not a favourite but I look forward to your thoughts on the story. With your permission I’ll leave a link to a past TT post I was just talking to someone about. That will kick start me again and I’ll be ready for next week. Hubby is brewing me some African Rooibos, a red tea from Twinings, but he’s being slow about it so I don’t know what it tastes like yet. See you next week.

    1. I know– I always thought tea went a bit funny after a few months/years/etc., but some of the tea I’ve had for four-plus years still seems to be good, sooo. Yeah!

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