Thursday Tea (Sept. 15): The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities

The book: I have been expressing my love for this book over at Twitter for the past few days, and I’m going to do it here as well: you guys. YOU GUYS. This book is amazing. Not only does it feature stories from some of my favorite authors (Helen Oyeymi! Cherie Priest! Naomi Novik! Garth Nix!) but it’s that sort of book that just pings the imagination bit of my brain. I read a story and then I obsess over it for a few hours. I read another story and IT’S EVEN MORE AMAZING THAN THE LAST STORY. I don’t think I’ve read this good of a collection of stories in YEARS at least! (That I can remember, anyway.)

As I said on Twitter:

I’m nearing the end now and I don’t want to be there! I want to keep on reading fantastical stories about the strange objects kept in Dr Lambshead’s cabinet of wonders. There’s another Lambshead book available with a different set of writers in it (less female writers?) that I think I might get after I move and am allowed to buy books again…but I kind of wonder if it can live up to this book’s exquisiteness.

The tea: I found a packet of Earl Grey! I’m fairly certain is at least a few years old, and it tastes a bit rubbish. Might be because of the company that made it, or maybe it went wonky waiting in the darkened recesses of my cupboard, or maybe I just brewed it for too long. Who knows. It’s got a weird sort of bite to it that I don’t like, is all I know.

Do they go together? I suppose the fact that I found that packet of Earl Grey after years of not paying attention to it sort of goes with how at least a few of the Lambshead stories have to do with a strange and mystical object being ignored for however long…until it wakes up, anyway. I’m glad my tea wasn’t sentient, that’s all I can say.

Other tea drinkers

Alison is reading The Fellowship of the Ring and drinking Organic Pomi-Berry tea!

Rose City Reader is reading The Warden and drinking Earl Grey!

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (Sept. 15): The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities”

  1. Okay, your twitter comment has thoroughly intrigued. I am bookmarking this post. You definitely piqued my curiosity about this book. Also, I have never heard of Thursday Tea before seeing this post. I am curious about that as well.

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