Thursday Tea (Sept. 22): Agatha Christie: An Autobiography

The book: I first started reading Agatha Christie’s autobiography way back in 2009, when I was all pumped up from just starting my blog and thought I could read, like, four books at once. Well, no, I can’t. If I read more than two at a time I get distracted and uninterested and I end up abandoning good books– and that’s what happened here.

Luckily I hadn’t packed this yet because I got a hankering for some memoirs and I knew I wanted to read– and finish– AC’s memoirs this month. Yay for me!

Agatha Christie, besides being an amazing writer, lived a pretty interesting life. She was born in 1890, at the end of the Victorian era, and she finished writing her memoirs in the 1960s. Do you know how much STUFF she saw? It’s kind of amazing, when you think about it: televisions, airplanes, two world wars, flappers (my favorite), and more. Plus, when she wasn’t writing books she was digging in the dirt with her archaeologist husband (which she wrote another memoir about). Awesome! Image of Agatha Christie as a child

Anyway, I’m currently somewhere in her childhood, which she spent making up imaginary worlds in her head. I think pretty soon I’ll be moving into her teen years, when she starts going to parties and meeting exciting people and whatnot. It’s been so long since I first tried reading this book that I’ve forgotten most of what I read, which I actually like. Means I won’t feel like skipping something because I’ve “read it already.”

The tea: I tried one of my Christmas teas from Stash again, despite how I’ve started to hate them for always being there and for NOT being Earl Grey. I had a cup of holiday chai, which I managed to make perfectly for once, and which tasted decent. It’s not my favorite, but it’ll have to do.

Do they go together? Basically I think any sort of tea goes with Agatha Christie’s memoirs. She’s so…British! Right?

Other tea drinkers

Angela Renee is reading Kiss Of Night by Bennie Viguie and drinking Twinings Fresh & Fruity!

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (Sept. 22): Agatha Christie: An Autobiography”

    1. Yeah, she disappeared for a few days back in the 1920s (I think it was the ’20s, anyway) and she never really talked about what happened. She doesn’t talk about it in her autobiography, either!

      If you saw the Doctor Who episode with her in it (with 10th Doc & Donna, too), she apparently “disappeared” because she’d been overwhelmed with fighting a giant were-bee alien thing. 😉

  1. I once bought so many of Dame Agatha’s books at my favourite used book market that the volunteer ladies gave me this one for free, as a gift with purchase. I loved it, and am really looking forward to rereading it when I start my massive Agatha Christie project. (Which will probably start sometime next year, if I can find the mystery love.)

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