Thursday Tea (Sept. 8): The Canterbury Tales

The book: Can you believe I haven’t read anything for two days? I feel kind of weird about that, but I think it’s excusable because I’ve been a) stressed out about the move, b) stressed out about money, and c) stressed out about finding a job once I use my money to move. It’s probably not as bad as I’m making it out to be– I mean, I don’t have a LOT of money but I do have enough to get myself to Cali– and I’ll probably be able to get a job at a temp agency, and probably none of my stuff will go missing like that box of books did during one of my moves here in NM. So it’ll probably be alright, but nevertheless I’m still stressing out.

To combat that stress I’ve been researching planning for BEA 2012, playing silly online games and watching comedy shows. I would be reading my anti-stress books, but…I’ve packed them. Luckily I remembered I’ve got this adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales!

It’s a graphic novel and thus really easy to read. I love The Canterbury Tales and I love Chaucer, and those the art in this book isn’t really to my taste I’m still enjoying reading it.

The tea: More English Breakfast. I keep meaning to buy some Earl Grey, but it’s forever slipping my mind.

Do they go together? Oh yeah. Not only are the tales set in England, those pilgrims totally would have been chugging tea the whole time if it’d been available to them back then, amirite?

Other tea drinkers

JoAnne is reading The Understorey by Fisher Amelie and drinking Throat Coat tea!

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Tea (Sept. 8): The Canterbury Tales”

    1. You might like this adaptation, then, as it’s in modern English! It’s actually kind of throwing me off, because I keep thinking of the middle English lines while reading the modern ones.

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