Tips for newbie bloggers (3)

Previous tips:
Tip #1: Don’t try to do everything all at once.
Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to make friends.

Book Expo America
BEA! Not my photo.

Tip #3: Interact with other bloggers (outside of your blog).

This is sort of related to tip #2, but in a more general way. You probably won’t be able to be friends with everybody, but even casual acquaintanceship is nice when you want to be part of a community. A really great way to become a casual acquaintance is to talk to people on Twitter. Even if you only spend half an hour a day talking to people, that half an hour will reap a lot of benefits. You’ll learn about new events, find interesting articles and blog posts, get to know your fellow bloggers a tiny bit better, and (and maybe this is most important), other bloggers will get to know you, too.

I’d also recommend trying to interact with other bloggers offline, too. Not everyone can do this, because not everyone has the resources or the time/money to go to books events, but if you can get to something like BEA or ALA or even a local book event where other bloggers will be, it’ll be SUCH an amazing thing for your blogger life. Just being around other people who identify as book bloggers and who go through the same frustrations and exciting things you do– physically, in the same space, being around them!– will give you a huge boost of confidence. It’s great!

How do you interact with other bloggers outside of your blog?

4 thoughts on “Tips for newbie bloggers (3)”

  1. Excellent tips. It is always so confusing/amusing when you see people invest, invest, invest into their own blog, but then not seem to realize how much it means to others when you give something back. We’re all invested in our writing, and it costs so little of your time to just stop by and read a little, leave a comment if applicable. And YET, so few people who really crave this interaction actually DO it.

    I agree that meeting people in person makes a big difference. Maybe in 2012 I’ll get out there and meet some folks from behind a stack of my books. It’s kind of scary to consider, but I’m pretty sure I would survive, if I tried. 😉

    Thanks for a great blog post. Enjoyed it.

    1. I hope you do! It’s a completely amazing feeling when you meet another blogger IRL, especially if you’d been talking to them online as well. 😀

  2. Great tips! Meeting people at BEA was certainly a wonderful experience. It was so cool to continue online conversations in person, and to start new ones that continued online.

    1. Meeting up with other bloggers is why I’ll miss going to BEA this year. 🙁 I think a good amount of us are going to ALA annual, though! So that’s good.

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