Blogging tip: Scheduling is your friend.

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Tip #4: Scheduling is your friend.

This doesn’t work for everyone, as some people prefer just writing posts the day they mean to post them, but if you can schedule in advance even one post a week it’ll be a big benefit to you and your blog. Scheduling, for those who don’t know, is when you write a post before the date you mean for it to go live. So, for instance, if I wanted to schedule this post in advance, I’d write in on Friday and set the post date for today, Monday. To set the date as something different from the day you’re writing it, check in the “publish” options on whatever blog platform you use. WordPress, for instance, has a thing that says “Publish immediately Edit”; if you click “edit” you can change that to any date you want! Yay!

So, why should you schedule posts? Sometimes writing a blog post a day, or even every few days, can get really tiring. It’s hard to keep up momentum over a long period of time, and eventually you’ll want to take a vacation from blogging. The easiest way to take that vacation without making your blog go silent for a week (or whenever) is to schedule posts!

For instance: In December I scheduled about two week’s worth of posts in advance. I did this because I knew I’d be tired from packing for my move– too tired to write a blog post every day like I usually do. So what I did instead was: I dedicated about two days a week to writing as many blog posts as I could! I wrote reviews, discussion posts, and prepped my meme posts so I could fill in the details later. Once I did that, I didn’t have to write anything for days at a time (except for filling in the memes). That meant I could then spend my time relaxing, talking on Twitter, and reading books.

Do you like scheduling posts in advance? Or do you prefer to write posts on the day they go live?

15 thoughts on “Blogging tip: Scheduling is your friend.”

  1. This is so true. Over the past few months I fell into the habit of mostly writing posts at the last minute, and the quality of my blog has really suffered as a result. Not to mention the tiredness you mention. I really need to go back to planing ahead.

    1. I haven’t actually been scheduling a lot of posts, even though I’ve been meaning to for forever. But I finally got one scheduled and it felt so good!

  2. I live by scheduled posts, I usually do a batch over the weekend to spread throughout the week. It also comes in handy when I’ll be out of town for a stretch, its like I was never gone! Great series of posts!

    1. That’s how I normally do it, too, if I can get motivated enough! Having all your posts written for a week or two feels really great. 😀

  3. Oh, how I wish LJ let users schedule posts! I usually write my reviews a few weeks in advance, but I still have to post them manually. It can sometimes be difficult to find the motivation to do so.

  4. Oh goodness, I would most definitly prefer to schedule posts, but I have never ever been able to have more than one extra. It takes me so long to write mine, even though they themselves aren’t all that long, and then I don’t feel like writing another till the next day (let alone not having time….). Sigh.

  5. I used to have it together and be scheduled out a week or so. Now I’m lucky if I have one post ahead saved but I hope to get back in a good writing place and get some extra posts in the queue — like you said, for those times when real life gets in the way of blogging!

    1. I think most bloggers are behind on reviews, really, haha! 😀 Even when I manage to schedule one review, five others still need to be written. Sigh.

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