Tips for newbie bloggers (5)

Previous tips:
Tip #1: Don’t try to do everything all at once.
Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to make friends.
Tip #3: Interact with other bloggers (outside of your blog).
Tip #4: Scheduling is your friend.

Tommy Dodgen, age 4, standing by the largest lamp in the world: Tampa, Florida
It's a giant lightbulb. Get it?

Tip #5: Take advantage of your creative periods.

Just like there are times where you don’t want to blog, there’ll be times where you’ll want to blog a LOT. Take advantage of that! Write as many blog posts as you can (using tip #4!), start a new project, etc. Do keep in mind tip #1, though, while you’re doing all this. Creative, energetic periods are great when you’re in them, but once they’re gone you’ll probably regretting starting those fifty things all at once. It’s better to focus your energy on one or two really good things, things you can keep going even when you’re in a blogging slump, than giving up on ten or twenty things you don’t care about any longer.

I’ve noticed that I get a big energy boost whenever I meet up with other bloggers (tip #3), but after a week or so the energy is gone and I don’t feel like doing anything. If I can take advantage of that energy while I’ve got it, I can get a lot of stuff done in that short period of time before it goes away.

What gives you an energy boost? How do you take advantage of your creative periods?

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