Treasure Hunt: The bully notebook school yard mystery

treasure hunt
Remember that one book? The one with the thing? And that really neat character? It was so good! You loved it, you carried it around with you for weeks, you swore you’d never part with it– and then it disappeared and you can’t remember the title or the author or even what the cover looked like.

Welcome to Treasure Hunt, a new feature at Here There Be Books dedicated to tracking down those pesky barely-remembered but much-loved books of yesteryear.

The bully notebook school yard mystery

I am pretty sure this is either one of the books that got lost in the move, or I foolishly got rid of it during a yard sale. I remember really enjoying it and reading it a few times, and it’s driving me NUTS that I can’t remember the author or title. Like the last lost treasure, I can’t find anything Googling with what keywords I can think of, so I’m hoping someone here might know what book I’m talking about instead.

Okay, so this one was (I think) written by an author who has written a LOT of books, and I have the feeling that she’s pretty well known. It’s about a girl in elementary school (or 6th grade, maybe) who is getting bullied by classmates. Her friend is getting bullied, too, and there’s something with a notebook that the two share. The notebook is about different revenge plans they can/will do to the bullies? I think? And like their bully-revenge-meeting place is in a closet or something.

The moral of the book was that revenge isn’t good because it makes you just as bad as the bullies. (Only more subtle and not preachy or anything.) It was probably written in the late 1980s or in the 1990s, and the cover has a lot of gray on it.

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