TSS (Dec. 5) & IMM (7)

The Sunday Salon (Dec. 5)

The Sunday Salon.com I finished my paper that’s due today, so now I get to blog (and read fun books)! Huzzah, huzzah.

This week will be exciting for a number of reasons. On Monday it’s my day to post my Classics Circuit review, which I spent, like, two hours writing (so I hope y’all like it). On Friday it’s my last day of class EVER! And then the next week is finals and, finally, graduation. Soon I’ll be done with my college life, and that’s sort of scary. Well, not sort of. It IS scary. After 17 years of doing one thing and one thing only, I don’t know what to expect in my post-college life. No tests? No papers? No teachers telling me what to do? Scary, and yet really liberating. I look forward to seeing how I’ll cope without having homework to do. (More blogging, maybe?)

I also think I’ve FINALLY, once and for all, decided on a plan of action for the next two years or so. I definitely know I want to move out of New Mexico, and I know I want to try living abroad somewhere. In order to live abroad I need to get a job, and the easiest sort of job for me, an English major who’s first language is English, is to teach English as a second language. So I’m going to apply for the JET program next September, and hopefully I’ll be accepted and then I’ll be living in Japan for a year starting in 2012! If not– I’ll have to figure something else out. I hope I get accepted, though. I’m going to start learning Japanese in preparation! And I’m going to be reading more Japanese books, for sure.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to get a boring ol’ regular job here in NM. But between now and next September some other stuff will be happening (possibly a move to another state?), including BEA in May 2011! I’ve registered and haven’t heard anything about not being accepted, so it’s pretty much set! I’ve reserved a hostel room for the week, and I’ll be buying plane tickets pretty soon. I’m SUPER excited about finally being able to go, and I can’t wait to meet all of you! I’ll be going to the Book Blogger Convention as well! Yay, book conventions!

Are you going to BEA? 😀

Books read this week:
228. Mr Scarborough’s Family – Anthony Trollope [rating: Borrow it]
229. Conan Doyle, Detective – Peter Costello [rating: Borrow it] %
230. A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens [rating: TBD]

Books reviewed this week:
219. Holy Disorders – Edmund Crispin [rating: Buy it] %
225. Middleworld (Jaguar Stones #1) – J & P Voelkel [rating: Buy it] R

Currently reading:
Two books (along with the seriously huge Atlantic, still, although that’s going really slowly): The Jaguar Stones, Book Two: The End of the World Club (sequel to Middleworld), and Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte. I felt sort of bad for Anne, because she always gets ignored in favor of Charlotte and Emily, so I thought I’d read one of her books before trying Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre. Sometimes I am overly sentimental, yes.

In My Mailbox (7)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren (who was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie‘s This Week in Books). Basically you just post about new books that came into your house over the past week, whether in the mail or by getting them at the library or by buying them in a store. Capiche?

A buttload of ebooks were made free for, like, two hours on Monday and Tuesday, and I got them. (They’re not free now, btw.) I think most of them were a pricing mistake? Although I ALSO think it might have been very clever, very sneaky marketing. Hmmmm. Anyway, there were 32 ebooks I downloaded over the past week (some of them posted about here), and I don’t really feel like listing them all. So let’s go over paper books instead:

For review:

From BookMooch:

From Paperback Swap:

Did you get any good books lately?

15 thoughts on “TSS (Dec. 5) & IMM (7)”

  1. Yay, it’s exciting you’re going to be at BEA! I’m still not 100 percent certain if I’m going, but am leaning towards yes, and getting to go for a longer trip this time. I’m not nearly organized enough yet though, so I’m impressed you’ve already got a hotel and everything.

  2. Japan, how exciting! I’ve been looking at teaching programs overseas, but I have no idea which ones are legit or anything. Maybe some day I’ll be inspired to investigate some more.

    1. JET is nice because it’s funded by the government, and they help pay for a lot of stuff as well as getting you placed in nice areas. I know there’s at least two programs like that for South Korea, and I think another one for China and possibly Thailand? And then there’s non-government sponsored programs, but those are a bit iffy. Definitely do Google around one day if you’re interested! That’s how I got all of my info, haha. 😀

    1. My plans have changed so much over the past few months I was a bit worried I’d never find something I wanted to do! But finding this JET program has really set things into focus for me, and having a goal to aim towards is really good. Although I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t get in! I really want to teach English now, lol. 🙁 (In JAPAN. Yes.)

      I’m sorry that you can’t make it to BEA! It would have been great to see you. 🙁 Baw~

    1. Yay for the end of school! 😀 And you have what, another year? And then library school? It’ll go by so quickly! This semester has been the fastest semester I’ve ever gone through, lol!

      And thanks! I wanted to use it because a) I wrote a paper about medieval manuscripts this semester and b) it’s got Pisces on it! And I’m a Pisces! But the corners are bugging me, a little. I may Photoshop something onto it, I don’t know.

  3. Let me tell you something about post-college life: It is SO nice to come home in the evening and not have to do study or work on papers. I’ve been out of school for almost 4 years now, and it still feels nice.

    That’s so exciting you get to go to BEA. I’ll be experiencing it vicariously through all you lucky ducks.

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