TSS (Feb. 27): No more worries & IMM (17)

The Sunday Salon (Feb. 27)

The Sunday Salon.com Remember when I was all freaked out about my TBR pile and how I’d have to store them and whatever? Well! I’ve come out on the other side now. I don’t give a crap any longer about how big my TBR pile is, and I’m not even going to worry about having to keep them in storage somewhere (along with all my other stuff). Once I actually go have to move them I may worry again, but right now everything’s fine.

I’m not sure how I came to this understanding. I think it helped that my parents said I could keep my stuff with them while I was away (as long as I have it all boxed up), which means I don’t have to worry about really expensive storage fees.

Also, my TBR pile has been so wittled down by now that it’s not even really that big. I think it’s probably only really two or three boxes worth, and that’s hardly anything. Plus, I can only worry about a certain number of things in my life before I implode, and worrying about my TBR pile is one of the more silly things to obsess over.

So I’m not.

I AM going to have to do something about all these books I’m trying to get rid of, though. I’d like to sell them, but no-one seems to want my books. A yard sale would be great, but we live in an apartment which makes doing that tricky. I think what I’ll do is keep trying to sell them online (especially my old textbooks), and whatever’s left whenever I’m ready to go abroad I’ll donate. What do you think?

– I’m 23 now. Woohoo!
– I’ve redone the color scheme on the layout. I’ve still got to redo the header, though, to make it fit in better and to make the whole thing more Spring-y.
– I haven’t used my Kindle since Amazon updated the software, but have any of you? What’s it like? Good?

Books read this week:
23. Human.4 – Mike A. Lancaster [rating: TBD] R
24. The Bloomswell Diaries – Louis L. Buitendag [rating: TBD] R

Books reviewed this week:
17. Skating to Antarctica – Jenny Diski [rating: Buy it]
21. Sandman Slim – Richard Kadrey [rating: Borrow it] e

Currently reading:
In the beginning chapters of I Lost My Mobile at the Mall by Wendy Harmer, an adorable Australian YA book that reminds me of The Year of Secret Assignments.

In My Mailbox (17)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren (who was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie‘s This Week in Books). Basically you just post about new books that came into your house over the past week, whether in the mail or by getting them at the library or by buying them in a store. Capiche?


Birthday gift:


See that ad in the top left corner? Yup, it’s still of sponsor Kevin Gerard, author of the Conor and the Crossworlds books, a YA fantasy adventure series! It’ll be up there for another two months or so, but don’t forget to check out the website now if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “TSS (Feb. 27): No more worries & IMM (17)”

  1. Enjoy being 23! 🙂

    There’s a massive university book sale in my hometown every year, so I always donate books to that, or to the library. I justify the number of books I always buy at that book sale by getting rid of a few beforehand. Other than that I list on PaperbackSwap, and I guess one of these days I’m going to see about selling to the Strand.

    1. I think I may try bringing some to Hastings– that’s the closest used bookstore type place around here. But I can’t find any info on what sort of books they take, not even on their website. Bah.

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