TSS (Jan. 30): Schedules & IMM (13)

The Sunday Salon (Jan. 30)

The Sunday Salon.com Last week I talked about turning off my clock and not paying attention to time. I’ve still got the clock turned off, but I’m watching time a bit more than I was before, mostly because I’ve started to stay up past 3am and waking up past 12pm, which isn’t what I necessarily want. I don’t mind staying up late, but I HATE waking up past noon. I don’t know why– wait, yes I do. It’s because if I don’t wake up in the actual morning part of the day, I feel like I’ve missed whole heaps of it, even if I wasn’t going to do anything other than check my email. I don’t like feeling like I’m missing out on stuff, so I AM going to make more of an effort to go to bed a little earlier and wake up a little earlier. Obviously if I ever get a frickin’ job I’ll HAVE to do that anyway, but it’s good to do it just for myself, too.

In other news, it’s the end of the month which means a Monthly Review post is coming up on Tuesday. I’ve got plans for the blog which I hope will turn out alright– but you’ll hear more about that on Tuesday. Meanwhile, I wanted to talk a bit about how I think I’ve gotten into my blogging groove, and how I did it.

Before, when I was still in school, I had a vague idea of what sort of posts I would do each week. Reviews three times a week, Sunday Salon on Sunday, and, if I remembered, miscellaneous other memes and posts throughout the week. It wasn’t exactly structured, but it was, somewhat, of a plan of action.

Sometime last week I happened upon Clare‘s blogging schedule, where she’s got each day planned out for what’s being posted. It was a revelation! Make a schedule for what sort of posts to do each day? Wow!

I had never thought of that before, which is probably why my blog posts were so slapdash in previous months. I think it’s a really good idea, actually, to have a solid schedule for each day of blogging. It keeps me focused, knowing what post needs to show up when, and after a week of following my own schedule I’m really liking it. I’m writing more posts in advanced now, I feel more energized and excited about my blog, and I feel way more on top of things than I ever did before.

Here’s my blogging schedule:
Sunday: The Sunday Salon & In My Mailbox
Monday: Review
Tuesday: Buy My Books OR Birdwatching (every other week)
Wednesday: Review
— First Wednesday of every month: Classroom takeover
Thursday: Thursday Tea
Friday: Review
Saturday: Freebies (every other week) OR discussion post
— Last Saturday of every month: Out Soon

And then, obviously, if I want to do a photo post or a quote post or something, I can slip that in with the other (scheduled) post.

I really like my schedule! The only thing I’m worried about now is getting into a rut instead of a groove, or to have people be bored with my posts. But these are early days yet, and I don’t feel stuck at the moment so I’ll stick with it for now.

Do you have a schedule for your blog posts? Do you think having a schedule is a good idea?

Books read this week:
11. Jackaroo – Cynthia Voigt [rating: Buy it]
12. The False Princess – Eilis O’Neal [rating: Borrow it] R
13. Dust – Elizabeth Bear [rating: Buy it] e

Books reviewed this week:
07. The City of Ember – Jeanne DuPrau [rating: Buy it] e
12. The False Princess – Eilis O’Neal [rating: Borrow it] R
DNF: The Odyssey by Homer

Currently reading:
Cat in the Mirror by Mary Stoltz. It’s good! The writing sort of reminds me of Louise Fitzhugh and E.L. Konigsburg, especially with the neglectful/self-involved parents and troubles at school. But with time travel!

In My Mailbox (13)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren (who was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie‘s This Week in Books). Basically you just post about new books that came into your house over the past week, whether in the mail or by getting them at the library or by buying them in a store. Capiche?

For review:


9 thoughts on “TSS (Jan. 30): Schedules & IMM (13)”

  1. Yes, I do. 😉

    Scheduling posts really works for me, because, with a nice buffer, I can work on the blog at my own leisure without going “CRAP I NEED TO GET THIS UP TOMORROW BUT I HAVE ALL THIS WORK OH WELL”. And writing posts in advance is great, because then I can reread and revise them just before they go up. I’m glad my scheduling is inspiring yours!

    1. Yes! 😀 And it’s also nice to not have to worry about what I AM going to write about. I already know the type of post, I just have to figure out the contents.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of scheduling posts. Don’t get me wrong, I do it some, but I want to have the ability to change things up when necessary. And I think my blog gets a little repetitive when it’s the exact same type of post everyday each week.

    1. Yes, the repetition is one thing I’m worried about. I think, though, that as long as I can keep the contents of each post different and new, it might be okay?

  3. I’m with Claire when it comes to scheduling posts. I realized that if I have an idea of what I want to post ahead of time, it’s easier to write. I’ve already scheduled what I want to write about for February. I feel much more optimistic! 😉 I can’t wait to read your thoughts on Kat, Incorrigible. Happy reading and have a great week!

    1. Kat, Incorrigible looks SO cute, I’m really looking forward to reading it! 😀 And the same to you– I hope your week is going well!

  4. I don’t have a hard and firm schedule but I do have a bit of one. Fridays are Nigerian lit reviews, Saturday I try to do a book I was less excited about as it seems to be my slowest day in terms of traffic, Sundays are IMM. Monday to Thursday I don’t have a definite schedule yet but it’s a mix of reviews and discussion posts. The last day of each month is usually my month wrap-up. It is so much easier with schedules I find!

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