TSS: January 24 (Good stuff)

The Sunday Salon.com Remember how last week I complained about having read so many mediocre books? Well. That’s since been fixed!

I don’t know if my mood’s improved and that’s transferred itself into my reading, or if I’m just reading better books overall– probably both– but I’ve been reading a lot of nice books lately and I’ve been reading them fast. I’ve got a lot of free time between classes and since I don’t have much to read for those classes yet, I’ve been using that time to read books. Huzzah!

On the other hand, I’ve been reading so quickly that I’m scheduling review posts for books I read this week to post two weeks from now. I HATE when that happens. I may have to start posting a review a day, instead of just MWF. Ugh.

Anyway, stats.

Books Read This Week:
11. The Shadow Guests – Joan Aiken [rating: 3.5/5]
12. The Floating Island – Elizabeth Haydon [rating: 4.5/5]
13. Barefoot Gen Vol. 1 – Keiji Nakazawa [rating: 3.5/5]
14. Posted to Death – Dean James [rating: 4/5]
15. The Doom Machine – Mark Teague [rating: 4/5]
16. Voices – Ursula K. Le Guin [rating: 4/5]
17. Piratica – Tanith Lee [rating: 4.5/5]

Books Reviewed This Week:
7. The Stolen Blue – Judith van Gieson [rating: 2.5/5]
8. A Crack in the Line – Michael Lawrence [rating: 5/5]
9. Quant by Quant – Mary Quant [rating: 3.5/5]
10. The Wright 3 – Blue Balliett [rating: 5/5]

Currently Reading:
Dream-Weaver by Louise Lawrence. I bought it at a library book sale a few months ago and have yet to read it. So! It’s a sci-fi YA novel set in space and on non-Earth planets, with psychic aliens! I’ve literally just started it, so let’s hope it’s good.

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0 thoughts on “TSS: January 24 (Good stuff)”

  1. Woah that’s a lot of books! I have been holding back. I’ve already read 16 books in January and I refuse to read any more. The goal was 8-10 each month (rather than last year’s 16-20) and I’m already overdoing it. It’s killing me but I MUST WAIT UNTIL FEBRUARY to read anything more.

    1. I think part of it is that I’m trying to read those shorter YA books I keep hoarding; they go pretty quickly.

      I can’t imagine STOPPING myself from reading, lol! Why are you cutting back?

  2. Partly because if I read too many books, I start feeling a bit sick. Last year I overdid it a couple months and ended up reading 20+ books in a month. I’d start hating books after that, and that’s not a feeling I like. The other reason is because I’m a writer and when I get obsessive about reading, it means I don’t write. Sometimes I read too much because I’m avoiding writing (which isn’t good) and sometimes it’s the reverse. Either way, not writing is a bad thing, which means I have to keep books – or any other obsession – under control so I can concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing.

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