TSS (Mar. 27): Road trip! & IMM (20)

The Sunday Salon (March 27)

The Sunday Salon.com I’m going on a road trip tomorrow! Sort of. I guess it doesn’t count as a proper road trip if the trip lasts only an hour each way. But it’s still a long-ish time spent in a car, and I’m going to bring at least two books because I can. (So there!)

The first one is going to be whatever book I don’t finish reading today, and the other one is going to be The Dracula Dossier because I feel like reading another vampire book. I’ll probably also end up bringing my Kindle, “just in case.” Over-prepared? Me? Nah.

I actually wish we were driving for a longer amount of time, long enough for our trip to be counted as an actual road trip instead of just a baby one. One of my favorite things to do is pack up a bunch of books, a blanket, and some snacks and read in the car while someone else is driving. It’s a nice way to get in some solid hours of reading without any distractions!

Do you like reading on road trips? What sort of books do you bring with you?

Also, Diana Wynne Jones died yesterday. It actually kind of hurts more than I thought it would, so I’ll just say this: I’ll miss you, DWJ.

Books read this week:
27. Dead End Gene Pool – Wendy Burden [rating: Buy it] R
28. More Than Mortal – Mick Farren [rating: TBD]
29. Journey to the River Sea – Eva Ibbotson [rating: Buy it]

Books reviewed this week:
23. Human.4 – Mike A. Lancaster [rating: Buy it] R
24. The Bloomswell Diaries – Louis L. Buitendag [rating: Borrow it] R

Currently reading:
I’m about 100 pages in To A Mountain in Tibet, a travel memoir about a trip to a mountain in Tibet. It’s nice, although the writing and pacing is so ponderous I think it’s actually making me feel tired. To wake myself back up I started reading No One Belongs Here More Than You, a collection of strange and entertaining short stories by Miranda July.

In My Mailbox (#20)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren (who was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie‘s This Week in Books). Basically you just post about new books that came into your house over the past week, whether in the mail or by getting them at the library or by buying them in a store. Capiche?

For review:


Also: A whole bunch of Mercedes Lackey books from Baen’s newest CD full of free books!


See that ad in the top left corner? Yup, it’s still of sponsor Kevin Gerard, author of the Conor and the Crossworlds books, a YA fantasy adventure series! It’ll be up there for another month or so, but don’t forget to check out the website now if you’re interested.

Also, I’ve got books and DVDs for sale at Half.com! Yay!

3 thoughts on “TSS (Mar. 27): Road trip! & IMM (20)”

  1. Of course I read on road trips. What else would I do? 😉 It’s about a 10 hour drive from my uni to home, so I like to listen to audiobooks on the drive to keep myself entertained.

  2. I love reading on road trips! It’s been years since I went on one, but I used to bring bags and bags of books with me whenever my parents and I treked around in the summer. I usually brought quite a variety, and bought even more when we’d stop off at our favourite used bookstores.

  3. I am insanely in love with road trips because I get to read a whole bunch and sing songs with my family if I’m with them (yes. we do that. we do it spontaneously. we can’t help ourselves.), and I don’t have to worry about things going wrong in other areas of my life because I’m in a car! I can’t fix them in a car! I can only read and sing.

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