TSS (March 14): Spring break madness

The Sunday Salon.com Spring break for my college started on Friday, and though I have to work this week and work on a presentation/paper for the next, I’m basically free! For days and days and days! Which means I can read a lot, yaaaaaaay~

Because I don’t have to drag all my textbooks and whatnot out with me I have room to carry around a heavy hardback if I so wish it. Normally I leave my hardbacks at home and only take out the lighter paperbacks, which in theory is nice for my back but in practice means I read very little hardbacks and they are taking up A LOT of room on my shelves. So, anyway, here’s what I was thinking of reading this week:

The Napoleon of Crime by Ben Macintyre, which is a true crime/biography about Adam Worth (so NOT Macavity, actually). It’s been on my TBR pile for a while, and it’d be nice to get it off there.

Spirit Gate by Kate Elliott, which is a fantasy with dragons and some other stuff that looks interesting.

The four books books I got from my book blogger secret Santa last year, which are all YA and also all hardbacks.

Runemarks by Joanne Harris, which is YA fantasy with Norse mythology stuff in it. It’s actually a paperback, but a really freakin’ heavy one, so I’m counting it as a hardback.

Can I finish all these books? Dunno. Besides being heavy they’re also pretty long, so I might actually only finish one or two of them. But at least I have a goal!

Books read this week:
58. The Kid Who Was Zapped Through Time – Deborah Scott [rating: 3/5] *? / %
59. The Circus Lunicus – Marilyn Singer [rating: 3.5/5] %
60. Dragonfly – Frederic S. Durbin [rating: 3.5/5] %
61. Calling on Dragons (Enchanted Forest #3) – Patricia C. Wrede (audiobook) [rating: 4/5]
62. To the Lighthouse – Virginia Woolf [rating: 5/5] %
63. Soulless – Gail Carriger [rating: 4/5]
64. The Secret of the Mansion (Trixie Belden #1) – Julie Campbell [rating: 3.5/5] %

Books reviewed this week:
23. The Third Magic – Welwyn Wilton Katz [rating: 3.5/5] %
40. Scales of Justice – Ngaio Marsh [rating: 3.5/5] %
41. Dissolution – C.J. Sansom [rating: 4/5] %
52. Vagabonding – Rolf Potts [rating: 4.5/5]

Mount TBR Stats
6 books conquered
6 books conquered total
10 additions (2 from publishers, 3 from BookMooch, 5 Virginia Woolf books I discovered were missing from my LibraryThing account so my records were wrong from the beginning, crap.)
0 subtractions
344 books remaining

Not a great start to the expedition, ahaha. Ha. I may have to prune some more to make up for it!

Birdbrain(ed) Boxes sold: 0 (lol)

Currently reading:
Trixie Belden #2: The Red Trailer Mystery. After finishing TB #1 yesterday, I really wanted to know what happened to Jim, the runaway boy Trixie and Honey helped out. Luckily I had this ready for reading immediately. (I also have #3, yay!)

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0 thoughts on “TSS (March 14): Spring break madness”

    1. I know! It’s horrible, but I’m sort of not counting the Virginia Woolf books as NEW additions because I’ve had them for months– I just neglected to add them to my LT account, so my TBR count was off from the very beginning. I was really starting from 345 books, not 340. But I’ve still neutralized the books I DID conquer with the other additions, so it’s overall just a bad start. lol. 😀

  1. Oh my God, Trixie Belden! I loved those books so much when I was a kid! I liked her big brother, the one that used big words all the time to tease Trixie. That’s how I learnt the word “elucidate”.

  2. My Spring Break is still two weeks away, but I’m already thinking about books I want to read. I’m planning a bunch of big books too, since I have quite a few hardcovers sitting around that I put off reading for the same reasons you do.

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