TSS (March 6): Shelf purging

The Sunday Salon.com Okay, so if you haven’t heard already I’m planning to travel around the world after I graduate. It’s not going to be a whirlwind tour, and in fact it’ll probably take a couple of years! I’m planning to settle down in various places as well, if I can get a decent enough job (and a work visa, of course). One of the places I want to live is New Zealand, which means I’ll have to ship my stuff over seas. Which means mucho money spent on postage. Which means I need to jettison most of my stuff. And by “stuff” I mean mostly books.

According to my LibraryThing account I’ve got somewhere around 880 books. No WAY am I moving that many books across the ocean, especially since I haven’t read around half of them! So I have a plan. It’s in two parts, because I’m awesome like that.

Part One: Mount TBR

Like I said, I haven’t read a lot of the books that are in my collection. According to my LibraryThing account, it’s somewhere around 340 as of yesterday afternoon. Now, if I read 25 books a month I can just make it to 300 books by the time I leave next March (which it when I plan to). I might be able to swing more during the summer, and if I also get rid of the books I’ll never read (because you know there are), I might just be able to conquer Mount TBR by the time I leave. That would be fantastic!

To do that I have to a) stop taking in books and b) make the majority of my reading from my shelves. Now, I have a hard time with that first letter, because I work in a freakin’ library and it’s just hard, okay. But I have stopped buying books and I’m only taking in a few new ones from BookMooch and whatnot. Less than 5 a month, I’d say. It’s not that bad, really. The second letter is easier because I’ll just make sure to force myself to scan my shelves for a book instead of reading that great library book I found last week (Trailing the Giant Panda, looks extremely interesting).

Vasilly suggested keeping track of my TBR climbing expedition, and I’m going with this status bar that you’re technically supposed to use for NaNoWriMo but that I’ve appropriated for my own purposes:

1 / 340

A copy is in my sidebar if you want to keep track with me. 😀 I’m going to give myself a reward of one library book after reading six TBR books, starting yesterday. 1 TBR book down, 339 to go!

Part Two: The Purge

I spent some time thinking about this last week and I’ve made the decision to get rid of the majority of my books. I’m willing to ship around 100 of them, and that’s it. All of the rest of them have to go. Now, this is pretty radical even for me. I love having a big book collection. I love having my room stuffed with books, even if I have a hard time finding a place to put them. And I love having such a large selection to choose my next read from!

But the truth is that I hardly reread books, and anything I DO want to reread eventually? I can probably get from a library, or as an ebook. I don’t actually need a copy of it on my shelf. So…I’m okay with purging. I really am.

I plan on keeping a few books, of course. My Diana Wynne Jones collection, my out-of-print travel books, and various children’s/YA books that are hard to find will stay with me. I might even keep my Terry Pratchetts and Jim Butchers (and Diana Duanes and Susan Coopers). It’ll be hard to get rid of the others (especially the ones I bought new), but I think it’ll be okay.

Anyway, I have a plan on getting rid of my books. Besides needing to purge, I need funds for my travels. And so I’m planning to sell most of them! I don’t particularly want to do it one by one, since that’d take a LONG time. Instead, I’ve come up with a solution: Birdbrain(ed) Book Boxes!

Birdbrain(ed) Book Boxes are collections of books I’ve stuffed into small boxes. So, for instance, this month I’ve got two mystery book boxes, a YA book box, a Meg Cabot book box, a chick lit book box, and a Harlequin book box ready. I’ll be sending them Media Mail rate, which means, uh, US buyers only.

(I do feel kinda guilty about that, but I’ve got something in the planning for international people who want to help, so don’t worry about that! It’ll just be a little while until I work it all out. :D)

I’m hoping these boxes work out, because I really like putting them together and there are some really nice books in them! I’ll be debuting them in the Flying Finch Shop Tuesday and I’ll post an announcement here, so keep an eye out for it if you’re interested!

Gah, that was a long post. But it feels good putting it all down in print, making it real, y’know? Okay, time for stats now.

This week in books

Since I’m keeping track of which books are on my TBR pile now, TBR books will have a % after the rating.

Books read this week:
52. Vagabonding – Rolf Potts [rating: 4.5/5]
53. Heist Society – Ally Carter [rating: 2/5]
54. Ambrose Bierce & the One-Eyed Jacks – Oakley Hall [rating: 3/5] %
55. The Geographer’s Library – Jon Fasman [rating: 4/5] %
56. The Moving Finger – Agatha Christie [rating: 4/5] %
57. Odder Than Ever – Bruce Coville [rating: 4.5/5] %

Books reviewed this week:
36. You’ve Got Murder – Donna Andrews [rating: 4/5]
37. Dead End Dating – Kimberly Raye [rating: 3.5/5]
38. Murder with Peacocks – Donna Andrews [rating: 4.5/5]
39. Mister B. Gone – Clive Barker (read by Doug Bradley) [rating: 4/5]


A.F. Heart from Mysteries and My Musings gave me the Prolific Blogger award, for “one who is intellectually productive… keeping up an active blog that is filled with enjoyable content.” Thanks, A.F.!

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  1. Wow, I admire you so much. I am not even close to being brave enough to get rid of a majority of my books. I LOVE THEM. Yay for you, simplifying your life!

  2. Purging books is so difficult! But I can understand the problem with shipping them overseas. Most of my books are still with my parents and the expense is exactly why (plus I might have to ship them back eventually, and that would just be pointless!). On the other hand, I rarely miss the books that I’ve read, just the ones I haven’t, so perhaps you will feel the same once you’ve actually sold the books.

  3. Your ’round the world trip is going to be amazing! Good luck with taking on your mountain of books. However, lugging around that many books would be a good work out! Or you could find some good looking locals to help you move them around 🙂

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