Tuesday Thingers: November 25

Tuesday Thingers Tuesday Thingers is hosted by Marie at Boston Bibliophile. Today’s question is:

Blog Widgets. Do you use them? Do you have them on your blog? Do you know what I’m talking about? 🙂 A blog widget is that list of books “From my LibraryThing” and such, that you’ll sometimes see on someone’s sidebar. If you use it, do all of your books show up or do you have it set to only show certain books? Do you have a search widget, which would allow your blog readers to search your library? Have you ever made a photomosaic of your book covers?

I’d love to use widgets, except I can’t make them work with WordPress. 🙁 I did figure out how to insert an RSS feed of my recently-added books to my sidebar, though. I like it because it’s a little hint on what I’ll be eventually reviewing. I’d love to have all the rest as well– if only it worked on WordPress!

[For more answers and to play yourself, visit Marie’s Tuesday Thingers post!]

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In other news, I’ve started four books but finished none, gotten no books in the mail or in the store, and am feeling very adrift re: what to read. I am about five hours into a Discworld audiobook, but I’m not sure if I’m going to review it. And I don’t know what to read afterwards– it’s like whatever I try I end up not feeling in the mood for it. I’ll have to dig through my TBR pile and see if there’s anything I want to read, but I might just end up going to the Borders sale tomorrow and pick something new up. (Now you know why my TBR pile is so large: so I have a lot of choices of reading material! Heh.) Is anyone else planning to go? They’re also having a really good deal on House season 1-3, which I’ve been dying to get. Hopefully they’ll have enough in stock, eh?

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