Various ways I have injured myself in the pursuit of books

1. Strained arm(s) from holding up a heavy hardback for hours.
2. Strained neck from holding my ebook reader at a bad angle for too many hours.
3. Strained eyes from trying to read just one more page in a room lit by nothing but hopes and dreams.
4. Stubbed toes from tripping over various piles of books in my house.
5. Crushed toes from having those same piles fall over.
6. What I am SURE was some form of concussion from books falling off the bookcase I just spent all day reorganizing.
7. Strained shoulders from carrying bags of books all day at book conferences.
8. Sunburn from waiting in signing lines during book festivals.

Have you gotten any injuries from books?

5 thoughts on “Various ways I have injured myself in the pursuit of books”

  1. Ha, that’s funny. I can relate to the strained neck because of reading ereader in bad position. Also sometimes at night when I read in bed, my arms hurt from holding my ereader in an awkward position.

    1. Oh gosh, I’ve done that, too! I’ve been reading on my iPad in bed nowadays because it’s got a case I can prop it up on (so I don’t have to use my arms). You’d think with all the books I carry around I’d have better arm strength!

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