Very quick reviews: December 2015, part 4 (more picture books)

The very last batch of mini-reviews for December! I still have a few books to review on their own, but this will be the last huge review post for, hopefully, a while. Woohoo!

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Duck for President – Doreen Cronin ★★★½
An over-worked duck decides to run for President in order to get out of doing farm chores. Super cute and sneak-educates a little about how government works!

Q is for Duck – Mary Elting ★★★
A mixed-up alphabet book where letters do not exactly match up with the animals you think they will. Slightly dated art, and I think they wimped out on X (although I understand why, as I can’t personally think of a sound or description that starts with an X and applies to an animal). But I love the idea of messing with kids’ brains and giving them a slightly surreal story.

Fandango Stew – David Davis ★★★★
A Wild West retelling of Stone Soup! Like many of the books in this post, it is completely adorable AND it has amazing art. Stone Soup is a particular favorite of mine as I always enjoy it when grumpy judgmental people figure out that being kind is more fulfilling than anything else.

The Shelf Elf and The Shelf Elf Helps Out – Jackie Mims Hopkins ★★½
A set of books in the vein of The Library Dragon, wherein a tiny library elf talks about library/book etiquette and (in the second book) explains how to use the Dewey decimal system. Wonderful art, but the story isn’t as exciting or vibrant as other similar books, so I’m not sure how well it’d go over with kids nowadays.

Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash – Sarah Weeks ★★★½
An industrious woman washes and hangs up an increasingly silly amount of things. I actually read this to a kindergarten class and they LOVED it. I think the silliness + rhymes + interesting art to look at was a winning combo.

The Miss Nelson Collection – Harry Allard ★★★
A riotous class exasperates their teacher so much that she pretends to be her own substitute and whips them into shape using intimidation and scary wigs. Reminds me of the better Roald Dahl books, only backwards as the adults get one over the kids.

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