“…was once John.”

“All the boys were grown up and done for by this time; so it is scarcely worth while saying anything more about them. You may see the twins and Nibs and Curly any day going to an office, each carrying a little bag and an umbrella. Michael is an engine driver. Slightly married a lady of title, and so he became a lord. You see that judge in a wig coming out at the iron door? That used to be Tootles. The bearded man who doesn’t know any story to tell his children was once John.”

― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Has someone written a book yet (or done a movie) about the grown-up lost boys yet? I feel like this is a thing that should exist.

2 thoughts on ““…was once John.””

    1. Sort of like Hook but not focused on Peter– like, maybe he shows up somewhere, but the protagonist(s) are the other Lost Boys. At the end of the original book, after all, Peter stays a kid while the others grow up! I’d like to read/see something that deals with that, rather than Peter himself succumbing to adulthood (although I do love Hook, actually, and if you have to have a story where Peter Pan grows up, that’s the story to have).

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