What’s your end-of-book ritual?

A topic over at the Mobileread forums got me thinking about my own ritual for ending a book. Besides, y’know, just closing the covers (or closing the app if it’s an ebook).

If it’s an ebook, what I usually do is mark the book as “read” and add it to my “finished not backed up” collection in Marvin (so I remember to export the notes and stuff before I delete it from my phone). If it’s a paper book, I physically move it to my “read books” bookshelf.

Then I go to Goodreads and mark it as read/give it a rating! And THEN I add it to my books read list here at HTBB. And finally, I add it to my reading spreadsheet.

I do tend to start a new book right away, even if I’m about to go to bed; it gives me something to look forward to the next day! But if a book is particularly OMG AMAZING I tend to just sit there thinking about the amazingness for a while. Savoring it, you know?

Do you have a ritual for when you finish a book?

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5 thoughts on “What’s your end-of-book ritual?”

  1. I haven’t got any end-of-book rituals — I’d like to say that I always sit down and make notes about it for a review, but it wouldn’t be true. I usually just chuck it in the “return to library” pile and go on to the next.

  2. If it was one of those amazing books, or the ending of a series, I like to sit and think. In great detail, though. I generally use what I ponder during this time in my review.
    Then I do the GR lists and ratings when I log on next.:P

    Great post, Anastasia!

    1. Thinking about a great book is half the fun of reading! Sometimes the awesomeness of one book makes starting a new one difficult, lol. I’ve run into that problem a few times.

      Thanks for visiting, Brea! <3

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